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education requirement is designed to augment your proficiency as an adviser or applicator and assure that you have up-to-date knowledge of pesticide laws and regulations, pesticides, and pest management.

DPR-approved continuing education is provided through public and private sources. Some of the public sources include city and state colleges, univer- sities, the UC Cooperative Extension Service, and the county agricultural commissioner’s office. Private sources include industry professional organiza- tions and private businesses specializ- ing in pest management training. A listing of DPR-approved instruction is available through the DPR web site, www.cdpr.ca.gov. Also, many industry professional organizations regularly receive updated lists of DPR-approved instruction.

The instructor or sponsoring organi- zation of DPR-approved continuing education courses must maintain a record of licensees and certificate holders who successfully complete courses or programs. These records must be retained for three years and must contain the same information that licensees or certificate holders are required to maintain.

Record Keeping Requirements for Licensees and Certificate Holders. As a licensee or certificate holder you are required to maintain a record of all approved continuing education hours you acquire during each license or certificate period. You must retain these records for three years, and the records must include the following informa- tion:

  • the certificate holder or licensee’s name

  • the certificate or license number

  • the title and location of the instruction

  • the name of the instructor or sponsoring organization and the

number of hours of credit you accrued

  • the Identification Code Number assigned to the course or program by DPR

A certificate of course completion or a written statement containing the information specified in the above list, issued by the course instructor or sponsoring organization, is sufficient to meet the record keeping requirements. Licensees or certificate holders are required to submit their continuing education records to DPR at the time of renewal.

Multiple License or Certificate Holders. If you maintain two or more licenses or certificates you may use continuing education hours obtained for one license or certificate to satisfy the continuing education requirements for each additional license or certifi- cate. For example, if you possess both a Qualified Applicator License (20 hours) and an Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License (40 hours), you would need a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education, includ- ing four hours pertaining to pesticide laws and regulations, to renew both licenses.

If you hold multiple licenses or certificates you should use only one license or certificate number when you sign the sponsoring organization’s or instructor’s attendance sheet to show attendance at the meeting or course. Sign in using the highest ranking license or certificate. The licenses and certificates are ranked as follows:

  • 1.

    Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License

  • 2.

    Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certifi- cate Holder (Journeyman or Apprentice)

  • 3.

    Qualified Applicator License

  • 4.

    Qualified Applicator Certificate

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