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transport, handle, or dispose of pesticides and opened pesticide containers, you may cause injury to people, animals, or the environment. That is why the California Food and Agricultural Code requires that pesticides and containers that hold (or have held) pesticides must be stored, transported, handled, and disposed of in accordance with the pesticide label and with regulations adopted by the Director of DPR. The county agricul- tural commissioner may take posses- sion of unattended pesticides or empty pesticide containers that present a hazard to people, animals (including bees), food, feed, crops, or property.

Pesticide Storage Requirements

On any property that you control, you are responsible for all containers and equipment that hold or have held a pesticide. To prevent contact by people who are not authorized to be in contact with these containers and equipment you must do one of the following at all times when you are not in personal control of them:

  • Provide a person to maintain control over the pesticide contain- ers and application equipment.


  • Store the pesticide containers in a

locked enclosure. In the case of liquid material packaged in a container larger than 55 gallons, the container does not have to be in a locked enclosure if the container’s closure is locked. Pesticides must be stored in accordance with the pesticide label and the labeling on all other

products held in the same storage area, including non-pesticidal products. Do not store pesticides and fertilizers together. Pesticides and fertilizers can chemically react with each other and cause a fire. Also, if pesticides contami- nate fertilizers this creates the possibil- ity of crop damage or illegal residues on crops. Do not store pesticides near food, feed, or personal protective equipment because of the possibility of contamination.

Posting Warning Signs. When a storage area contains pesticides that are labeled with the signal words Danger or Warning, you must post warning signs around the storage area (Figure 4-1). The signs must be visible from any direction of probable approach. The lettering on these signs must be large enough to be readable from 25 feet away. If you anticipate that people who do not read English will approach the pesticide storage area, you must repeat your warning signs in a suitable language other than English.

Pesticide Service Container Label Requirements. When you store or transport containers, except service containers, that hold or have held pesticides, the containers must carry the registrant’s label. A service con- tainer is any container other than the original labeled pesticide container that is used to hold, store, or transport pesticides. Service container labels must include the following:

  • the name and address of the person or firm responsible for the con- tainer

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