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  • Place a rock, brick, or similar noncombustible weight on top of the stack of bags to be burned.

  • Light the bottom-most bag.

  • Stand upwind of the burn site to avoid breathing the smoke.

  • Control the site until the burning is completed and the fire is extinguished.

Commercial applicators are allowed to burn properly emptied pesticide bags if the bags were opened and emptied at the site of application and are burned under the conditions of the grower’s burn permit.


Rinsing Procedures for Pesticide Containers

Container Rinsing Requirements

Containers that have held less than 28 gallons of a liquid pesticide must be rinsed and drained by the user at the time of use, unless

  • they are returned to the registrant

  • they held an undiluted, ready-to-

use pesticide

See Sidebar 6 for pesticide container rinsing procedures. Follow these procedures to be sure you have prop- erly rinsed the containers. A closed system must also include a rinsing system that meets these requirements.

Method 1—Triple Rinse and Drain

1. Use the following amount of water or other appropriate rinse solution for each rinse:

three rinses, or until the rinsate is clear. It is important that you drain the rinse solution into the mix tank and apply it to the crop or site that is being treated.

Size of Container Less than 5 gallons 5 gallons or over

Amount of Rinse Medium

1/4 container volume 1/5 container volume

  • 2.

    Place the required minimum amount of rinse medium in the container. Replace the closure securely, and agitate the container to make sure all the interior surfaces of the container get rinsed.

  • 3.

    Drain the rinse solution from the con- tainer into the tank mix. Allow the container to drain an additional 30 seconds after it is empty.

  • 4.

    Repeat the entire procedure at least two more times to provide a total of at least

Method 2—Continuous or Jet-Rinse

  • 1.

    Invert the emptied container over a nozzle that is located in the opening of a spray tank or nurse rig and that is capable of rinsing all inner surfaces of the container.

  • 2.

    Activate the rinse nozzles, allowing the rinse solution to drain into the tank.

Continue rinsing until the rinse solution appears clear and a minimum of one-half of the container volume of rinse solution has been used. Use a minimum of 15 pounds of pressure per square inch to ensure proper rinsing. Avoid high pres- sures to prevent misting, splashing, or other undesirable effects potentially hazardous to people at the rinse site.

Other rinse methods, equivalent in effectiveness to the methods above, may be used if approved by the Director of DPR.

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