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mixed, loaded, or applied for the commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity

  • the location of the leaflet Hazard Communication Information for Employees Handling Pesticides (Pesticide Safety Information Series leaflet A-8) and other Pesticide Safety Information Series leaflets and Material Safety Data Sheets

  • employee rights, which include

    • A.

      the right to personally receive information about pesticides they may be exposed to

    • B.

      the right to have their physician or employee representative* receive information about the pesticides they may be exposed to

    • C.

      the right to be protected against retaliatory action in response to the exercise of any of their rights

Employees must complete pesticide handler safety training before they are allowed to handle any pesticide, and the training must be continually updated to cover any new pesticides the employee will handle. Training must be repeated at least annually after that. Certified Applicators are consid- ered trained for the purposes estab- lished in these regulations.

Employers may waive initial pesti- cide handler safety training of a new employee if the employee is able to submit a training record. The employee’s training record must show that their training met requirements in the regulations and covered the pesticides and use situations applicable to their new employment situation. Employers must record the date and extent of initial and annual required training they provide to employees and the jobs they assign. Each employee training record must be verified by the employee’s signature and retained by the employer for two years at a central

location at the workplace accessible to employees.

Qualified Safety Trainers for Pesticide Handlers

Anyone who trains employees handling pesticides for commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity must be qualified as one of the following:

  • a California Certified Commercial Applicator

  • a California Certified Private Applicator

  • a person holding a valid County Biologist License in Pesticide Regulation or Investigation and Environmental Monitoring issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture

  • a farm advisor employed by University of California Coopera- tive Extension

  • a person who has completed an “instructor trainer” program presented by one of the following:

    • A.

      the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project, after January 1, 1993

    • B.

      other instructor training program approved by the Director of DPR

  • a California licensed Agricultural Pest Control Adviser

  • a California Registered Professional Forester

  • a trainer qualified in some other way that is approved by the Director of DPR

Employee Medical Requirements

Regulations describe specific ways in which employers are required to arrange for emergency care and medical supervision, keep records, and review employee work practices when neces- sary.

*An employee representative could be a representative of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, a union representative, a family member, or any person the employee has designated to act on their behalf.

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