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provide an area for employees to change clothes and wash themselves at the location where they complete their work day. Employers must provide clean towels, soap, and adequate water for thorough washing. Employers must also provide a clean, pesticide-free place for employees to store any of their personal clothing that is not in use while they are at work handling pesticides.

Decontamination Facilities. Employ- ers must ensure that employees have sufficient water, soap, and single-use towels for routine washing of their hands and face and for emergency eye flushing and washing of the entire body. The quality and temperature of the water must not cause illness or injury when it comes into contact with employees’ skin or eyes, or if they swallow it. This water must be stored separately from water used for mixing with pesticides, unless the tank holding the water for mixing with pesticides is equipped with appropriate valves to prevent backflow of pesticides into the tank. The employer must keep one change of clean coveralls available at each decontamination facility.

For all employees who handle pesticides for the commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity, the decontamination facility must be located at the mixing and loading site. This must be no more than 1/4 mile from—or must be at the nearest point of vehicular access to— other handlers, including flaggers. For pilots, the decontamination facilities may be at the loading site.

Decontamination facilities must not be in an area that is being treated or that is under a restricted-entry interval unless all of the following are true:

  • The handlers using the facility are working in the area that is being treated or that is under a re- stricted-entry interval.


  • The soap, the single-use towels, and the extra change of clean coveralls are in an enclosed container.

  • The water is running tap water, or it is enclosed in a container.

If the pesticide product label requires protective eyewear, one pint of water for emergency eye flushing must be kept immediately available for each employee handling pesticides used for the commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity. The eye flush water must be carried by the handler or kept in the vehicle or aircraft that is being used by the handler.

Employers must provide a decon- tamination site that is within 100 feet of the mixing and loading site when employees handle pesticides with the signal word Danger or Warning for uses other than the commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity.

Personal Protective Equipment

Employers must provide all required personal protective equipment (PPE). They are responsible for its daily inspection, cleaning, and repair, and its replacement when necessary. Employ- ers must assure that all PPE is main- tained and kept in a clean, specially- designated place or locker when it is not in use. When applicators use any of the exceptions to PPE requirements (found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Section 6738[i]), they must keep the label-required PPE immediately available for use in an emergency.

Employers must assure that PPE is properly used and that handlers are directed not to take potentially con- taminated PPE home. Also, employers must assure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent heat-related illnesses.

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