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pesticides with the signal word Danger or Warning must have either

  • a properly functioning sight gauge or other means to indicate the liquid level inside the tank to help prevent over-filling


  • a tank or filler hose nozzle with a device that automatically stops the filling operation when the tank is full, preventing the pesticide mixture from spilling over

Equipment Maintenance. Employers who own or operate pesticide mixing, loading, or application equipment must provide hazard notification to equip- ment maintenance workers. Each employee under their control who may be involved in cleaning, servicing, or repair of this equipment must be informed of the pesticide hazards they may encounter and how to protect themselves against injury. If cleaning, servicing, or repairing is done by someone other than employees, the person in charge of performing these services must be notified. Employers must provide employees with any necessary protective equipment or clothing. During maintenance opera- tions employers must instruct and supervise these employees in a way that reduces hazards or exposure.

Closed Systems. The most hazard- ous pesticide handling activity is the hand-pouring of highly toxic pesti- cides. This activity has resulted in


many serious illnesses. Employers are required to provide closed systems for employees who, for the production of an agricultural commodity,

  • mix or load liquid pesticides with the signal word Danger (see exception below)

  • load diluted liquid mixes derived from dry pesticides with the signal word Danger

  • mix or load any minimal exposure pesticides


  • mix and transfer certain cotton

harvest aids Proper use of a closed system reduces the potential for exposure. It is impor- tant that closed systems be properly operated, cleaned, and maintained. Closed systems are not required for employees who handle a total of one gallon or less per day of pesticides that have the signal word Danger and that are handled exclusively in original containers of one gallon or less.

A closed system’s design and con- struction must meet the DPR Director’s closed system criteria and must be adequate to prevent exposure of people to the pesticide being handled. Refer to the Pesticide Safety Information Series leaflet A-3 for further information on California’s closed system criteria. Address questions concerning closed system requirements to DPR’s Pesticide Enforcement Branch.

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