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The Rider Project is a do-it-yourselft alternative to the traditional gallery and a collaborative art experiment created by NYC artists. The truck parks on busy city streets and invites viewers to enter the truck, view the exhibited art and interact with participating artists. The exhibition, itself, conceived as a mobile, “cell,” travels through the social body, dispersing art and ideas throughout diverse neighborhoods across NYC.

The art was interesting, to say the least. The art ranged from photographs to paintings. Peculiar sketches, drawings, and miniture sculptures lined the walls of the truck. These pieces gave me a sort of “in-your-face, purposely anti-art” feel. It was right up NYC artists’ alley.

For the remainder of the time, the truck is parked in Chelsea on a somewhat quiet street. I was a bit skeptical, but the experience was amusing. While I was there, many people strode in and out of the truck, with curiousity plastered all over their faces. This project allowed the artist’s to find a creative approach to get people to come and view their art. I was impressed by the ability of the artist’s trying so hard not to impress. The art was simple and was not trying to make a statement. Therefore, it was pure and made an important statement.

The “un-art,” of the gallery represented the artist’s choice to present themselves in an unbiased manner. It felt as though it gave the artist the freedom to create without the pressure of an audience’s opinion.

Participating artists include: Bethany Bristow, Eun Young Choi, Aisha Cousins, Matthew Fletcher, Asya Geisberg, Tracy Gilman, Geujin Han, Eric JIaju Lee, Aaron Linn, Brian Lund, Laura Parker, Irys Schenke, Sara Ching Yu Sun, Emily Toxie, Sarah Trigg, and Michele Gambetta.

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