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The Emancipation of Angelina Grimke, by Katharine DuPre Lumpkin, revd. Patricia Hickin, vol.4, 3:107-108 RRVHR “The End of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Alliance” by Virginia Shaw, vol.5, 1:56- 73 RRVHR The Enduring South: Subcultural Persistence in Mass Society, by John Shelton Reed, revd. J. Morgan Kousser, vol.4, 2:98-99 RRVHR The Establishment in Texas Politics: The Primitive Years, 1938-1957, by George Norris Green, revd. Max S. Lale, vol5, 3: 71-72 RRVHR The Ethnic Southerners, by George Brown Tindall, revd. J. B. Smallwood, Jr., vol. 5, 4:82-83 RRVHR “The Federal Food Stamp Program” by Kevin Frank Mykel, vol.7, 4:33-41 RRVHR The Fifth World of Forster Bennett, by Vincent Crapanzano, revd. Donald L. Parmen, vol.1, 3:304-305 RRVHR The Fist in the Wilderness, by David Lavender, revd. William P. Corbett, vol. 5, 3:73-74 RRVHR The Fledgling Province: Social and Cultural Life in Colonial Georgia, 1733- 1776, by Harold E. Davis, revd. Steve Gurr, vol.5, 2:83-84 RRVHR The Forgotten People: Cane River’s Creoles of Color, by Gary B. Mills, revd. Darold D. Wax, vol.5, 1:98-99 RRVHR “The French Education of Texas, 1847- 1860: an Interpretation” by Barnabas Diekemper, vol.6, 1:71-79 RRVHR The French Legation in Texas, ed. by Nancy Barker, revd. Roger H. Grant, vol. 1, 3:301 RRVHR The Frontier Merchant in Mid-America, by Atherton, revd. Jimmy M. Skaggs, vol.1, 1:80 RRVHR “The Girl He Left Behind: Elizabeth Custer and the Making of a Legend” by Michael L. Tate, vol.5, 1:5-22 RRVHR The Golden Spike, ed. by David E. Miller, revd. Frederic J. Bernhagen, vol.1, 2: 189-190 RRVHR “The Granger Movement in the Cherokee Nation” by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., and Lonnie E. Underhill, vol.4, 1:14-25 RRVHR “The Heritage of the Spanish Borderlands: A Review Essay” by Ralph H. Vigil, vol.


2, 3:413-420 RRVHR The Homestead Strike of 1892, by Arthur Burgoyne, revd. William P. Corbett, vol.6, 1:81-82 RRVHR The Howling of the Coyotes: Reconstruction Efforts to Divide Texas, by Ernest Wallace, revd. LeRoy H. Fischer, vol.6, 1:88-89 RRVHR The Impending Crisis, 1848-1861, by David M. Potter, revd. Paul C. Nagel, vol.4, 3:108-109 RRVHR The Improbable Era: The South Since World War II, by Charles P. Roland, revd. Keith L. Bryant Jr., vol.4, 3:102- 103 RRVHR “The Indian Rights Association, The Dawes Commission, and The Five Civilized Tribes” by Benay Blend, vol. 6, 4:4-14 RRVHR The Jicarilla Apaches: A Study in Survival by Dolores A. Gunnerson, revd. Peter W. Nichols, vol.2, 3:425-426 RRVHR “The Jonesboro Tornado: A Case Study in Folklore, Popular Religion, and Grass Roots History” by William M. Clements vol.2, 2:273-286 RRVHR “The Jones-Liddell Feud” by Michael L. Lanza, vol.2, 4:467-480 RRVHR The Journal of George Townley Fullam; Boarding Officer of the Confederate Sea Raider Alabama, ed. by Summersell, revd. James W. Pohl, vol. 1, 1:100 RRVHR “The Journal of Ranald S. Mackenzie’s Messenger to the Kwahadi Comanches” ed. by Ernest Wallace, vol.3, 2:227- 246 RRVHR The Judge: The Life of Robert A. Hefner, by Clifford Earl Trafzer, revd. Alvin O. Turner, vol.3, 3:105 RRVHR The Kansas Beef Industry, by Charles L. Wood, revd. Irvin M. May Jr., vol.6, 1: 89-90 RRVHR “The Korean War Red Scare in Missouri” by Ronald W. Johnson, vol.4, 2:72-86 RRVHR The Last Chance: Tombstone’s Early Years, by John Myers, revd. Charles C. Colley, vol.1, 2:184-185 RRVHR “The Louisiana Unemployed and the Civil Works Administration” by Virgil L. Mitchell, vol.5, 3:54-67 RRVHR

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