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The Quiet People of the Land: A Story of the North Carolina Moravians in Revolutionary Times, by James Hunter, revd. H. Harrison Daniel, vol.4, 4:91-92 RRVHR “The Red River Bridge Conflict: A Minor Skirmish in the War Against Depression” by Richard W. Fossey, vol.1, 3:233-248 RRVHR “The Red River War of 1874-75: The End of an Era on the Great Plains” by Charles W. Harris, vol.3, 2:271-277 RRVHR “The Reduction of a People: The Quapaw Removal, 1824-1834" by David W. Baird, vol.1, 1:21-36 RRVHR “The ‘Reel’ Cowboy: Myth versus Realism” by Buck Rainey, vol.2, 1:25-64 RRVHR The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery, by Rice C. Duncan, revd. William J. Cooper Jr., vol.4, 1:73-74 RRVHR The Rise and Fall of the People’s Century: Henry A. Wallace and American Liberalism, 1941-48, by Markowitz, revd. Kenneth Philp, vol.1, 1:95 RRVHR The Rising South, Vol. II, Southern Universities and the South, ed. by Robert H. McKenzie, revd. L Moody Sims Jr., vol.4, 3:111-112 RRVHR The Rising South, Vol. I, Change and Issues by Donald R. Noble and Joab L. Thomas revd. L. Moody Sims Jr., vol.4, 3:111-112 RRVHR The Road West: Saga of the 35th Parallel, by Bertha S. Dodge, revd. Michael L. Tate, vol.5, 4:86-87 RRVHR “The Role of Promoters in Urban Rivalry: The Dallas-Fort Worth Experience, 1870- 1910" by Michael Q. Hooks, vol.7, 2:4- 16 RRVHR The Roosevelts of Hyde Park: An Untold Story, by Roosevelt, revd. Judy L Hicks, vol.1, 1:96-97 RRVHR “The Roots of Reform: Southern Populists and Their Southern History” by Bruce Palmer, vol.4, 2:33-62 RRVHR “The Routes of French and Spanish Penetration into Oklahoma” by Karen Curths, vol.6, 3:18-30 RRVHR “The Saga of the Puckett Family” ed. by Mary Anne Norman Smallwood, vol.2, 2: 294-300 RRVHR “The Saga of the Texas Iron” by Dan L. Flores, vol.6, 1:58-70 RRVHR


“The Santa Fe Trail” by Joseph A. Stout Jr., vol.6, 3:48-56 RRVHR “The Second Reconstruction: Historiographical Trends of the 1960s and the 1970s” by James Smallwood, vol.7, 3:68-76 RRVHR The Segregation Struggle in Louisiana, 1862-77, by Roger A. Fischer, revd. George P. Antone, vol.4, 4:90-91 RRVHR The Sioux of the Rosebud: A History in Pictures, by Anderson and Hamilton, revd. Donald N. Brown, vol.1, 1:78 RRVHR “The South, The Sultan’s Harem, and the Crimean War” by Horace P. Jones, vol. 4, 1:26-31 RRVHR The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier, 1885-1888, ed. by Charles H. Lange, Carroll L. Riley, and Elizabeth M. Lange, revd. B. W. Aston, vol.3, 4:82-83 RRVHR The Spanish Borderlands–A First Reader, ed. by Oakah L. Jones Jr., revd. Ralph H. Vigil, vol.2, 3:413-420 RRVHR The Spanish in the Mississippi Valley, 1762-1804, ed. by John Francis McDernott, revd. Ralph H. Vigil, vol. 2, 3:413-420 RRVHR The Species of Property: Slave Life and Culture in the Old South, by Leslie Howard Owens, revd. Arvarh E. Strickland, vol.4, 3:113-114 RRVHR “The St. Augustine Prisoners” by Arrell Morgan Gibson, vol.3, 2:259-270 RRVHR The St. Louis-San Francisco Transcontinental Railroad, by H. Craig Miner, revd. Gordon Chappell, vol.1, 3: 308-310 RRVHR “The Starr County Strike” by Richard Bailey, vol.4, 1:42-61 RRVHR The Story of a Working Cowboy, by Fred Gipson, revd. William P. Corbett, vol.5, 2:88 RRVHR “The Students Army Training Corps at the University of Oklahoma As Portrayed by Letters from a Private” by Maurice H. Merrill, vol.7, 2:54-77 RRVHR “The Texas Press and the Covenant” by Frank Abbott, vol.4, 1:32-41 RRVHR “The Texas Road” by Archie P. McDonald, vol.6, 3:57-67 RRVHR

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