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“The Transient in the Depression” by Donald W. Whisenhunt, vol.1, 1:7-20 RRVHR The Trouble I’ve Seen: White Journalist/ Black Movement, by Paul Good, revd. Robert E. May, vol.4, 1:77-78 RRVHR The Twentieth-Century American West: A Potpourri, by Gene M. Gressley, revd. W. Edwin Derrick, vol.4, 1:74-75 RRVHR “The Unionization of Thurber, 1903" by James C. Maroney, vol.4, 2;27-32 RRVHR The United States and the Problem of Recovery after 1893, by Gerald T. White, revd. J. Herschel Barnhill, vol.7, 2:87 RRVHR The United States Marshals of New Mexico and Arizona Territories, 1846-1912, by Larry D. Ball, revd. Richard Bailey, vol. 6, 1:80-81 RRVHR “The Violent Americans: A Review Essay” by Larry D. Ball, vol.2, 2:301-307 RRVHR “The Way West: The California Trail” by J. Herschel Barnhill, vol.6, 3:68-76 RRVHR The Western Peace Officer, by Frank R. Prassel, revd. Larry D. Ball, vol.2, 2:301- 307 RRVHR The Wild Man from Sugar Creek: The Political Career of Eugene Talmadge, by William Anderson, revd. Thomas H. Smith, vol.3, 3:99-100 RRVHR “There Is No Depression” by Donald W. Whisenhunt, vol.5, 4:4-16 RRVHR “Thomas F. Walsh and Western Business Elitism: The Lifestyle of a Colorado Mining Magnate, 1896-1910" by Richard H. Peterson, vol.6, 4:53-63 RRVHR “Thomas M. Campbell: Progressive Governor of Texas” by Janet Schmelzer, vol.3, 4:52-63 RRVHR Three Centuries Passed (The Fitzhugh Family), by Marie Fitzhugh, revd. Necah S. Furman, vol.4, 2:90 RRVHR Time of Hope, Time of Despair: Black Texans During Reconstruction, by James M. Smallwood, revd. Archie P. MacDonald, vol.6, 4:70-71 RRVHR Tombstone: Myth and Reality, by Odie B. Faulk, revd. Charles C. Colley, vol.1, 2: 184-185 RRVHR

Travail and Triumph: Black Life and Culture in the South Since the Civil War, by Arnold H. Taylor, revd. William D. Barnard, vol.3, 4:85-86 RRVHR Tribute to a Legend, by Alice Mae Watson, revd. Tom W. Dillard, vol.2, 4: 552-554 RRVHR “Troubles in Texas: Senator Morris of Texas, 1913-1919" by Richard Bailey, vol.7, 3:30-36 RRVHR Turmoil in New Mexico, 1848-1868, by William A. Keleher, revd. Russell M. Magnaghi, vol.7, 4:53-54 RRVHR Two Paths to the New South: The Virginia Debt Controversy, by James Tice Moore, revd. Robert B. Jones, vol.2, 2: 316-318 RRVHR Uncle Sam’s Farmers: The New Deal Communities in the Lower Mississippi Valley, by Donald Holley, revd. Duane M. Leach, vol.2, 3:428-429 RRVHR United States Military Saddles, 1812- 1943, by Randy Steffen, revd. Don E. Alberts, vol.1, 2:195 RRVHR Urban Slavery in the American South, 1820-1860: A Quantitative History, by Claudia Dale Goldin, Jack P. Maddex Jr., vol.3, 4:77-78 RRVHR “Urban Slavery in the Southwest” by Paul D. Lack, vol.6, 2:8-27 RRVHR Victorio and the Mimbres Apaches, by Thrapp, revd. Richard N. Ellis, vol.1, 1: 101-102 RRVHR “Views from the Red River Valley: A ‘Liberal’ Republican’s Philosophy” ed. by Clifford E. Trafzer, vol.1, 1:70-77 RRVHR Walter Hines Page: The Southerner as American, 1855-1918, by John Milton Cooper Jr., revd. Steven K. Gragert, vol.3, 4:76-77 RRVHR “Walter Prescott Webb’s Tomorrows” by Donald K. Pickens, vol.6, 1:25-34 RRVHR Water Stone Sky, by Stanley L. Welsh and Catharine Ann Toft, revd. Robert L. Gold, vol.2, 4:554-555 RRVHR “Waterways of Oklahoma” by Arrell Morgan Gibson, vol.6, 3:6-17 RRVHR Wea Creek to El Dorado: Oil in Kansas, 1860-1920, by Schruben, revd. Forrest A. Walker, vol.1, 1:98-99 RRVHR

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