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Boss Rule in South Texas: The Progressive Era, by Evan Anders, revd. Richard Bailey, vol.7, 4:50-51 RRVHR “Buell’s Campaign” by William H. Leckie vol.3, 2:186-193 RRVHR “‘But Davis is a Hustler...’” by Max S. Lale vol.5, 2:43-54 RRVHR C. C. Slaughter: Rancher, Banker, Baptist, by David J. Murrah, revd. Richard R. Bailey, vol.7, 2:83-84 RRVHR Canyon de Chelly, by Zorro A. Bradley, revd. John J. Dreyfuss, vol.1, 3:303 RRVHR Captain Philip Pittman’s The Present State of the European Settlements on the Mississippi with a Geographical Description of That River Illustrated by Plans and Draughts, by John Francis McDermott, revd. Ron Tyler, vol.5, 1:98 RRVHR Carnival of Fury: Robert Charles and the New Orleans Race Riot of 1900, by William Ivy Hair, revd. William Larry Ziglar, vol.4, 1:80-81 RRVHR Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom, by Edward H. Richardson, revd. Milton L. Schwartz, vol.3, 3:102- 103 RRVHR Cavalry Wife: The Diary of Eveline M. Alexander, 1866-1867, ed. by Sandra L. Myers, revd. Fane Downs, vol.3, 4:83-84 RRVHR Chains of Command: Arizona and the Army 1856-1875, by Constance Wynn Altshuler, revd. Richard N. Ellis, vol.7, 2: 78-79 RRVHR “Chicanery in Colorado” by David L. Lonsdale, vol.4, 3:33-43 RRVHR “Chief John Ross: The Personal Dimension” by Gary E. Moulton, vol.2, 2:221-239 RRVHR Civil War Letters of George Washington Whitman, ed. by Jerome M. Loving, revd. James P. Jones, vol.4, 2:96 RRVHR Colonel Greene and the Copper Skyrocket, by C. L. Sonnichsen, revd. James W. Byrkit, vol.2, 3:429-431 RRVHR Colorado’s War on Militant Unionism, by George C. Suggs, Jr., revd. James W. Byrkit, vol.1, 2:178-180 RRVHR Comanche Days, by Albert S. Gilles, Sr., revd. Billy D. Ledbetter, vol.2, 2:311-313 RRVHR


“Confederate Ambitions for the Soutwest: A New Perspective” by Jason H. Silverman, vol.4, 1:62-71 RRVHR Confederate Women, by Bell Irvin Wiley, revd. Lois W. Banner, vol.2, 4:555-556 RRVHR “Corrales, New Mexico: Transition in a Spanish-American Community” by Alvar W. Carlson, vol.4, 3:88-89 RRVHR “Cowboy Sexuality: A Historical No-No?” by Clifford P. Wetermeier, vol.2, 1:93- 114 RRVHR “Coweta Mission: Struggle for the Mind and Soul of the Creek Indians” by Edwin W. Derrick, vol.4, 1:4-13 RRVHR “Cows and Enlightenment: Observations on Investment by British Immigrants in the Western Range Cattle Industry” by William W. Savage, Jr., vol.1, 1:37- 45 RRVHR Crimson Desert: Indian Wars of the American Southwest, by Odie B. Faulk, revd. Lloyd W. Goss, vol.2, 3:423 RRVHR Crowfoot: Chief of the Blackfeet, by Dempsey, revd. Claude F. Oubre, vol. 1, 1:87-88 RRVHR Cry of the Thunderbird: The American Indian’s own Story, by Hamilton, revd. Marvin E. Kroeker, vol.1, 1:91-92 RRVHR Custer High Spots, by Luther, revd. Robert L. Matheny, vol.1, 1:93 RRVHR Damned Indians: The Pick-Sloan Plan And the Missouri River Sioux, 1944- 1980, by Michael L. Lawson, revd. Larry D. Ball, vol.7, 2:82-83 RRVHR “Dark Days of Depression: Lonoke County, Arkansas, 1930-1933" by Mary Kay Smith, vol.7, 4:14-23 RRVHR “Davidson’s Campaign” by Joseph A. Stout, Jr., vol.3, 2:194-201 RRVHR Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, by Scott Ellsworth, revd. Jere W. Roberson, vol.7, 2:81-82 RRVHR DeLesseps S. Morrison and the Image of Reform: New Orleans Politics, 1946- 1961, by Edward F. Haas, revd. Hugh Davis Graham, vol.2, 2:314-315 RRVHR

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