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Deserts on the March, by Paul B. Sears, revd. Charles L Wood, vol.6, 1:87-88 RRVHR “Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States Charges d’Affaires to the Republic of Texas, 1837-1843" by Priscilla Benham, vol.5, 1:37-55 RRVHR Dissipations at Uffington House: The Letters of Emily Hughes, by John R. Debruyn, revd. Joanna Schneider Zangrando, vol.5, 1:95-96 RRVHR Donkeys of the West, by Williams G. Long, revd. Donald E. Worchester, vol.2, 2:307

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    308 RRVHR

“Dry-Land Farming on the High Plains–A Perspective” by Garry L. Nall, vol.1, 2: 122-126 RRVHR “Early Attitudes Toward Alcoholic Beverages in the South” by Macel D. Ezell, vol.7, 1:64-70 RRVHR Emissaries to a Revolution, by Larry D. Hill, revd. W. W. Anderson, vol.1, 4: 433-436 RRVHR “Enforcing White Supremacy in Texas, 1900-1910" by Bruce A. Glasrud, vol.4, 4:65-74 RRVHR Essays on American Antebellum Politics, 1840-1860, ed. by Stephen E. Maizlish and John J. Kushma, revd. William W. Rivers, vol.7, 4:54-55 RRVHR Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian- Hating and Empire Building, by Richard Drinnon, revd. J. Herschel Barnhill, vol.6, 1:82-83 RRVHR “Fighting the Lily Whites: Racial Confrontation in the Arkansas Republican Party, 1920-1924 Documents” by Tom W. Dillard, vol.4, 2:63-71 RRVHR Finance and Economic Development in the Old South: Louisiana Banking, 1804

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    1861, by George D. Green, revd. James

    • H.

      Broussard, vol.1, 2:183-184 RRVHR

Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows, by Edwin Denig, revd. William E. Unrau, vol.4, 2:89-90 RRVHR “Forbidden Places and Dark Corners: Abilene in 1885" ed. by Daniel Savage Gray, vol.2, 4:539-541 RRVHR Foreigners In Their Native Land, by David J. Miller, revd. James Milligan, vol.1, 2: 196-197 RRVHR “Fort McCulloch, Indian Territory: Gray Command on the Blue” by James C.

Milligan, vol.7, 2:17-27 RRVHR “Fort Towson: An Early Communications Route to Oklahoma” by Edward C. Shoemaker, vol.7, 3:18-29 RRVHR “Fort Wallace, Kansas, 1865-1882: A Frontier Post During the Indian Wars” by Douglas R. Hurt, vol.1, 2:132-145 RRVHR Forty Acres and a Mule: The Freedmen’s Bureau and Black Land Ownership, by Claude F. Oubre, revd. Robert G. Sherer vol.4, 2:97-98 RRVHR Frederick Jackson Turner, by Ray A. Billington, revd. Arrell M. Gibson, vol. 1, 3:301-303 RRVHR Freedmen, Philanthropy, and Fraud: A History of the Freedman’s Savings Bank, by Carl R. Osthaus, revd. Richard Lowe, vol.4, 4:98 RRVHR From Contraband to Freedman, by Louis S. Gerteis, revd. Robert V. Haynes, vol. 1, 3:306-307 RRVHR “From Morteritos of Chamizal: The U. S.- Mexican Boundary Treaty of 1884" by Don M. Coerver, vol.2, 4:531-538 RRVHR From That Terrible Field: Civil War Letters of James W. Williams, Twenty- First Alabama Infantry Volunteers, ed by John Kent Folmar, revd. William P. Corbett, vol.7, 3:78-79 RRVHR From Tobacco Road to Route 66: The Southern Poor White in Fiction, by Sylvia Jenkins Cook, revd. Steven Elliott Brown, vol.5, 3:68-69 RRVHR “Frontier Conspiracy: Law, History, Turner, and the Cordova Rebellion” by John R. Wunder and Rebecca J. Herring vol.7, 3:51-67 RRVHR Frontier Regulars, by Robert M. Utley, revd. Gunther E. Rothenberg, vol.1, 3: 294-300 RRVHR General Crook and the Sierra Madre Adventure, by Dan L. Thrapp, revd. Richmond L. Clow, vol.1, 3:314-315 RRVHR “George T. Ruby: A Black Militant in the White Business Community” by Randall B. Woods, vol.1, 3:269-280 RRVHR George W. Brackenridge, by Marilyn M. Sibley, revd. Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Jr., vol.1, 3:313-314 RRVHR

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