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“Gerald K. Smith and the Share Our Wealth Movement” by Glen Jeansonne, vol.3, 3: 52-65 RRVHR Gone from Texas: Our Lost Architectural Heritage, by Willard B. Robinson, revd. Max S. Lale, vol.7, 2:86 RRVHR Great Plains Command: William B. Hazen in the Frontier West, 1855-1880, by Marvin E. Kroeker, revd. Gerald F. Fitgerald, vol.3, 4:82 RRVHR “Grierson’s Fight at Tinaja De Las Palmas: An Episode in the Victoria Campaign” by Douglas C. McChristian, vol.7, 1:45- 63 RRVHR “Harry Finley’s Christmas Story, Oklahoma Territory, 1890" ed w/intro by Robert S. LaForte, vol.3, 4:47-51 RRVHR “Heads of Families in Antebellum Texas: A Profile” by Richard Lowe and Randolph Campbell, vol.5, 2:68-80 RRVHR “Hen Eggs to Kilowatts: Arkansas Rural Electrification” by Clayton D. Brown, vol.3, 1:119-125 RRVHR “Henry Garland Bennett: The Father of the ‘Great Adventure’ in University-Contracts Abroad” by Philip Reed Rulon, vol.2, 2: 255-272 RRVHR “Highway of War” by Carl P. Tyson, vol.3, 3:28-51 RRVHR “Historian for the California Column: George H. Pettis of New Mexico and Rhode Island” by Darlis A. Miller, vol. 5, 1:74-92 RRVHR “Hoover and Congress Debate Food Relief: 1930-1931" by Roger Lambert, vol.7, 4: 4-13 RRVHR Horseback Government, by Ruth J. Carnes, revd. Kent Keeth, vol.1, 4:428-430 RRVHR “Hostage Among the Comanches: The Ordeal of Jane Wilson” by Gary Wilson, vol.5, 2:4-12 RRVHR Hostiles and Horse Soldiers: Indian Battles and Campaigns in the West, by Lonnie J. White, revd. William Corbett, vol.4, 2: 101-102 RRVHR Imagemaker: Will Rogers and the American Dream, by William R. Brown, revd. Joe A. Stout, Jr., vol.1, 2:197 RRVHR Indian Gallery: The Story of George Catlin, by Mary Sayre Haverstock, revd. Gloria K. Fiero, vol.1, 2:187-188 RRVHR “Indian Scouting Detachments in the Red River War, 1874-1875" by Michael L.


Tate, vol.3, 2:202-226 RRVHR “Industrialization of the Frontier: A Case Study, Crawford County, Kansas, 1870- 1914" by Thomas R. Walther and Robert K. Ratzlaff, vol.6, 4:15-24 RRVHR “Intertribal Raiding on the Northern Plains After the Surrender of Sitting Bull” by Anthony McGinnis, vol.2, 3: 349-362 RRVHR “Ira C. Eaker: The Military Career of Oklahoma’s Greatest Aviator” by Betty M. Sears, vol.3, 3:66-77 RRVHR Irish Flats: A Ghost of San Antonio’s Past by Marie Fitzhugh, revd. Necah Furman vol.1, 2:185-186 RRVHR Iron Afloat: The Story of the Confederate Armorclads, by Still, revd. Palmer H. Boeger, vol.1, 1:99-100 RRVHR “Irrigation in the Kansas Plains” by Douglas R. Hurt, vol.4, 3:64-72 RRVHR “Irrigation on the High Plains–A Perspective” by David B. Gracy II, vol. 1, 2:127-131 RRVHR “It Beats Picking Cotton: The Origins of Houston Country Music” by Garna L. Christian, vol.7, 3:37-50 RRVHR “‘It Is Right That They Should Set Us Free’: The Role of War and Interior Departments in the Release of the Apache Prisoners of War, 1909-1913" by John Anthony Turcheneske Jr., vol. 4, 3:4-32 RRVHR “J. H. Connell: Aggie Administrator, The Texas Years” by Irvin May, Jr., vol.3, 1: 93-108 RRVHR “James F. Ledbetter: Frontier Lawman” by Lonnie E. Underhill and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., vol.1, 4:369-390 RRVHR Jennison’s Jayhawkers, by Stephen Z. Starr, revd. David K. Strate, vol.1, 4: 440-442 RRVHR “Jews and Jewish Communities on the Great Plains” by Robert E. Levinson, vol.5, 4:55-70 RRVHR “Job’s Legacy: Cyrus Byington, Missionary to the Choctaws in Indian Territory” by Courtney Ann Vaughn, vol.3, 4:5-18 RRVHR Joseph Jones, M. D.: Scientist of the Old South, by James O. Breeden, revd. William H. Longton, vol.4, 2:87-88 RRVHR

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