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Mr. Polk’s War: American Opposition and Dissent, 1846-1848, by John Schroeder, revd. Bernard S. Halperin, vol.1, 2:194 RRVHR Myth and Southern History, ed. by Patrick Gerster and Nicholas Cords, revd. Edward L. Byrd, Jr., vol.1, 4:432-433 RRVHR Navajo Wars: Military Campaigns, Slave Raids, and Reprisals, by McNitt, revd. Thomas D. Watson, vol.1, 1:94 RRVHR “New Mexico Elects a Congresswoman” by Roger D. Hardaway, vol.4, 4:75-89 RRVHR “New Mexico Vegetable Production and Marketing” by Thomas S. Clevenger and David G. Kraenzel, vol.3, 1:23-44 RRVHR New Orleans As It Was: Episodes of Louisiana, by Henry C. Castellanos, revd. Glen Jeansonne, vol.5, 1:94-95 RRVHR “Newton Baker’s War on El Paso Vice” by Garna L. Christian, vol.5, 2:55-67 RRVHR “North to New Mexico: The Emigration of a Texan Family, 1890" (Part 1) ed. by G. L. Seligmann, Jr., vol.1, 2:165-177 RRVHR “North to New Mexico: The Emigration of a Texan Family, 1890" (Part 2) ed. by G. L. Seligmann, Jr., vol.1, 3:281-293 RRVHR Notes Illustrating the Military Geography of the United States, 1813-1880", by Raphael P. Thian, ed. by John M. Carooll revd. J. Herschel Barnhill, vol.5, 3:77-78 RRVHR Oklahoma Politics: A History, by James R. Scales, and Danney Goble, revd. James C. Milligan, vol.7, 3:81 RRVHR On the Border with Crook, by Bourke, revd. Larry D. Ball, vol.1, 1:81-82 RRVHR Origins of a Southern Mosaic: Studies of Early Carolina and Georgia, by Clarence L. Ver Steeg, revd. Richard P. Gildrie, vol.4, 4:94-95 RRVHR Over the Chihuahua and Santa Fe Trails, 1847-1848, ed. by Robert W. Frazier, revd. Ron McCoy, vol.7, 2:79-80 RRVHR Panhandle Cowboy, by John R. Erickson, revd. Jere W. Roberson, vol.6, 1:83-84 RRVHR


Papagos and Politics, by Peter Blaine, Sr. with Michael S. Adams, revd. Stephen Zimmer, vol.7, 2:79 RRVHR Pat Garrett: The Story of a Western Lawman, by Leon C. Metz, revd. Buck Rainey, vol.1, 2:192 RRVHR Pat Nixon of Texas: Autobiography of a Doctor, ed. by Herbert H. Lang, revd. Blane Mays, vol.6, 4:67-68 RRVHR “Pecuniary Man: Attitudes of British Investors Toward the Western Range Cattle Industry” by Jimmy M. Skaggs, vol.1, 1:46-54 RRVHR “Pedro Fages in Sonora, 1767-1768 and 1777-1782" by Joseph P. Sanchez, vol. 2, 4:519-530 RRVHR Peter Pitchlynn: Chief of the Choctaws, by Baird, revd. Donald E. Green, vol. 1, 1:81 RRVHR Photographing the Frontier, by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, revd. Barbara L. Clayton, vol.5, 3:72-73 RRVHR “Pioneer Educational Experiences in the Nineteenth Century Southwest” by Mary Anne Norman, vol.5, 2:25-42 RRVHR Place Over Time: The Continuity of Southern Distinctiveness, by Carl N. Degler, revd. Lala Carr Steelman, vol. 5, 2:84-85 RRVHR Plow-Horse Cavalry, by Robert S. Weddle, revd. David K. Strate, vol.1, 4: 440-442 RRVHR “Policing the Panhandle: Fort Elliott Texas, 1875-1890" by David E. Kyvig, vol.1, 3:222-232 RRVHR “Politics and Pavement: The Formative Years of the Oklahoma State Highway Department” by William P. Corbett, vol.6, 3:94-111 RRVHR “Ponies, Pelts, and Pemmican: The Arapahos and Early Western Trade” by Thomas F. Schilz, vol.7, 2:28-38 RRVHR “Populists and Utopia: A Neglected Connection” by Roger H. Grant, vol. 2, 4:481-494 RRVHR “Prelude to Fort Smith: Congress and the Five Civilized Tribes” by David Buice vol.7, 3:4-17 RRVHR Progressives and Prohibitionists: Texas Democrats in the Wilson Era, by Gould revd. Billy D. Ledbetter, vol.1, 1:89-90 RRVHR

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