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Southwestern Agriculture: Pre-Columbian to Modern, ed. by Henry C. Dethloff and Irvin M. May, Jr., revd. Douglas R. Hurt, vol.7, 4:51 RRVHR Spanish and Mexican Records of the American Southwest: A Bibliographical Guide to Archive and Manuscript Sources, by Henry Putney Beers, revd. Arnoldo De Leon, vol.5, 1:93-94 RRVHR “Spanish Intrigue in the Territory of Orleans” by Thomas P. Coffey, vol.3, 4: 64-75 RRVHR Stanley Vestal: Champion of the Old West, by Ray Tassin, revd. Paul T. Nolan, vol. 1, 2:195-196 RRVHR “Stanley Wood, the Literary Artist as Western Promoter”, by James M. Kedro, vol.2, 3:393-412 RRVHR Stephen A.. Douglas, by Robert W. Johannsen, revd. William G. Wolff, vol. 2, 2:318-319 RRVHR Stephen Long and American Frontier Exploration, by Roger L. Nichols and Patrick L. Halley, revd. Thomas Burnell Colbert, vol.7, 3:80 RRVHR Storms Brewed in Other Men’s Worlds: The Confrontation of Indians, Spanish, and French in the Southwest, by Elizabeth A. H. John, revd. Sandra L. Myres, vol.2, 3: 425 RRVHR Subordination or Liberation? The Development of Conflicting Theories of Black Education in Nineteenth Century Alabama, by Robert Sherer, revd. Glen Jeansonne, vol.4, 4:96-97 RRVHR Take Up Your Mission: Mormon Colonizing Along the Little Colorado River, 1870- 1900, by Charles S. Peterson, revd. Willis B. Hughes, vol.1, 2:190-191 RRVHR Tapadero: The Making of a Cowboy, by Willie Newbury Lewis, revd. Donald W. Whisenhunt, vol.1, 2:189 RRVHR Tending the Talking Wire: A Buck Soldier’s View of Indian Country, 1863-1866, ed. by William E. Unrau, revd. Jere W. Roberson, vol.5, 1:100-101 RRVHR Tennessee: A Bicentennial History, by Wilma Dykeman, revd. James R. Chumney, vol. 4, 3:103-104 RRVHR “Territorial Attempts to Establish a University of Colorado at Boulder” by Stephen Carroll, vol.1, 4:351-368 RRVHR


“Texas Fundamentalism: Secular Phases of a Religious Conflict, 1920-1929" by Pat Ledbetter, vol.6, 4:38-52 RRVHR Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy, by Terry G. Jordan, revd. Max S. Lale, vol. 7, 4:52-53 RRVHR Texas in Revolt, comp. by Jerry J. Gaddy, revd. Billy D. Ledbetter, vol.2, 2:311- 313 RRVHR Texas: 1874, by Edward King, revd. Billy D. Ledbetter, vol.2, 2:311-313 RRVHR The Abolitionist Legacy: From Reconstruction to the NAACP, by James M. McPherson, revd. Alwyn Barr, vol. 3, 3:100-101 RRVHR “The Acme, Red River & Northern: An Early Texas Short Line Railroad” by Donovan L. Hofsommer, vol.5, 4:17-26 RRVHR “The Alpha-Omega Man: General Phil Sheridan” by Joseph G. Dawson III, vol. 3, 2:147-163 RRVHR The American Civil War, by Peter J. Parish, revd. Spencer Wilson, vol.5, 4: 84-85 RRVHR “The American Tramp: A Social Problem of the 1890s” by Michael G. Wade, vol. 6, 1:35-45 RRVHR The American West, New Perspectives, New Dimensions, ed. by Jerome O. Steffen, revd. Charles Kenner, vol.5, 3: 76-77 RRVHR The Angelo Herndon Case and Southern Justice, by Charles H. Martin, revd. Alton Hornsby, Jr., vol.5, 4:81-82 RRVHR The Arizona of Joseph Pratt Allen: Letters from a Pioneer Judge: Observations and Travels, 1863-1866, by John Nicolson, revd. Robert G. Athearn, vol. 2, 3:424-425 RRVHR “The Black Hills Expedition of 1874" by Lawrence A. Frost, vol.4, 4:5-19 RRVHR The Bone Hunters, by Url Lanham, revd. Phillip D. Thomas, vol.1, 3:307-308 RRVHR The Booker T. Washington Papers. Vol. 4:1895-1898, ed. by Louis R. Harlan, revd. Robert V. Haynes, vol.4, 2:92-93 RRVHR “The Bosque Redondo Experiment” by Sara Jane Richter, vol.6, 1:4-11 RRVHR

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