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virtual machines per physical server. Plus, we’ve been able to boost CPU utilization significantly. Application performance is faster, too. This improved capacity will provide significant savings as we scale our hosting business.”

Server Setup and Management Simplified

On the Mamut Open Services side of the business, Mamut has reduced the time needed to set up a customer on a virtual machine from 50 to 40 minutes using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008. “When we migrate our 1,000 existing virtual machines to Hyper-V and expand the platform with thousands of customers, this 10-minute savings per virtual machine will be significant,” Nøkling says. “Most of the work will be reduced to setting up the physical servers.”

When Mamut completes its new Hyper-V implementation, the company expects to see an enormous increase in its online services business, which could require as many as 5,000 new virtual machines. “The timesaving in setting up these virtual machines under Hyper-V will really be significant,” Iversen says. “We currently spend 50 minutes setting up a new virtual machine. I hope to fully automate this process using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and other System Center solutions. Customers could order our services on the Web, and we could set up their servers without any human intervention.”

In its internal data center, Mamut is a very dynamic organization, constantly rolling out the latest Microsoft software to

provide new services. “With Hyper-V we can provision a new server within minutes versus hours or days,” Iversen says.

With System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Mamut has a centralized view of all its physical and virtual machines in one place. “With Virtual Server 2005, we had to log onto each physical server to maintain and check the status of our virtual machines,” Iversen says. “Using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, our operators use the Administrator Console to check the status of all our servers, physical and virtual, and the PRO tool to optimize server performance. Managing thousands of servers becomes much easier and more efficient.”

Availability Increased

“With Hyper-V we can provision a new server within minutes versus hours or days.”

Roy Iversen, Senior Technical Engineer, Mamut

Mamut takes advantage of the Hyper-V support for Windows Server 2008 clustering, which is available with the Enterprise and Datacenter editions. “We now have virtual-machine cluster support for our internal data center, which I can use to provide less expensive high availability for critical applications.” Nøkling says. “Cluster support also gives us more confidence in the safety of our data center. If a physical server fails, we can quickly and automatically move its virtual machines and workloads to another server.”

Business Growth Facilitated

With the infrastructure optimizations that it has achieved with virtualization, Mamut has more staff resources available for creating new software and services and more space to host the servers needed to provide them. “Virtualization

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