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Current electrical equipments suffer from numerous power quality problems.  We propose to design and fabricate a device that will simulate these power quality problems. It is very important that electronic equipment manufacturers have the foresight of these adverse conditions to electrical equipment and take necessary measures to combat these undesirable effects resulting from power quality problems. Power quality problems are electrical noise, sags, voltage spikes, momentary power outages, brown outs and surges.

Although our design project is not about power quality we will touch on the various reasons that we have these power quality problems.

(Chart Courtesy of Florida Power Company)

This chart goes to show that power quality problems cannot be completely eliminated because some of the problems deal with natural phenomena like lightening and small animals and birds.

This is where our design plays a vital role in electronic equipment testing. As most people know, electronic and electrical equipment are vital tools in today’s increasingly high-tech world, and when these tools are lost in that world, it can be a major problem. The biggest concern of power quality problems is the damage it may cause to electronic equipment. Another concern is the loss of information, for example, if something was to happen to a major appliance, such as a computer in a household during a thunderstorm, it can be very inconvenient and costly to the homeowner, not to mention a hazard.  The owner may have lost irreplaceable personal data and files, may not be able to communicate electronically (a facet that is becoming increasingly important with the prevalence of electronic mail and messaging systems), and can actually be at a risk caused by a problem in power quality. Issues and problems arising from power quality can also result in fire hazards and electrical shock to the operator of the electrical equipment.  

ECE 45125/1/2002

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