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State of West Virginia Recredentialing Form:  Misrepresentation of any statements and information provided by you in support of this application shall be considered fraudulent and may result in denial or revocation of appointment.  (If more space is needed, please supply the information on a separate sheet and attach.)


By submitting this attestation/authorization and release of information form in conjunction with the West Virginia Recredentialing Form (WVRF) and/or the West Virginia Practitioner Attestation/Authorization, I understand and agree as follows:

1.I understand and acknowledge that, as an applicant for medical staff membership and/or participating status with the Health Care Entity indicated on the WVRF for initial credentialing or recredentialing, I have the burden of producing adequate information for proper evaluation of my competence, character, ethics, mental and physical health status, and/or other qualifications.

2.I further understand and acknowledge that the Health Care Entity or designated Agent will investigate the information in this application.  By submitting this application, I agree to such investigation and to the disciplinary reporting and information exchange activities of the Health Care Entity as part of the verification and credentialing process.

3.I authorize all individuals, institutions, and entities or organizations with which I am currently or have been associated and all professional liability insurers with which I have had or currently have professional liability insurance, who may have information bearing on my professional qualifications, ethical standing, competence, and mental and physical health status to release the aforementioned information to the designated Health Care Entity(ies), their staffs and agents.

4.I consent to the inspection of records and documents that may be material to an evaluation of qualifications and my ability to carry out the requested clinical privileges or provide services I request.  I authorize each and every individual and organization in custody of such records and documents to permit such inspection and copying.  I am willing to make myself available for interviews if required or requested.

5.I attest to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.  I understand and agree that any misstatements in or omissions from the WVRF Attestation/Authorization and attachments hereto may constitute cause for denial of the application or summary dismissal or termination of membership/clinical privileges/participation agreement.

6.I agree to exhaust all available procedures and remedies as outlined by in the bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies, and/or contractual agreements of the Health Care Entity(ies) where I have membership and/or clinical privileges/participation.

7.I understand that completion and submission of the WVRF Attestation/Authorization and Release of Information does not automatically grant me membership or clinical privileges/participating status with the Health Care Entity(ies) indicated on the WVRF or Attestation/Authorization.

8.I further acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing Attestation/Authorization and Release of Information.  A photocopy of this Attestation/Authorization and Release of Information shall be as effective as the original, and authorization constitutes my written authorization and request to communicate any relevant information and to release any and all supportive documentation regarding this application/attestation/authorization.

9.    I release from liability any and all individuals and organizations who provide information to the credentialing entity in good faith and without           malice concerning my professional qualifications and competence, and the credentialing entity, from liability for their acts performed and               statements made relating but not limited to verifying, evaluating and acting upon my credentials and qualifications.

Print Name Here: ______________________________________________

Signature:______________________________________________Date:  _________________________

NOTE:Through above signature, I hereby affirm that contents are current, accurate, and complete as of the signature date.

Modification to the wording or format of the WVRF/Attestation/Authorization and Release of Information may invalidate an application.

Credentialing Entity may supplement additional Attestation/Authorization/Release of Information through an additional release document as required by the entity.

The Entities will treat this application and any information secured in connection therewith in strict confidence in accordance with the Entities’ policies and/or Medical Staff Bylaws and preserve with all reasonable safeguards the privacy of the Applicant.

12/02; 3/03; 11/03; 1/04; 5/04; 10/04     **Confidential and Privileged Peer Review Pursuant to WV Code 30-3C-1 et.seq** Page 22

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