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cording, barrels, containers, etc., are bought, sold, exchanged, stored, baled, packed, disassembled, or handled, including auto wrecking yards, inoperative machines, used lumber yards, house wrecking, and structural steel materials, and equipment and including establishments for sale, purchase, or storage of salvaged machinery and the processing of used, discarded, or salvaged materials, for any thirty (30) consecutive days.

2.2.31 Kennel:

Any lot or premises on which three (3) or more dogs, four (4) months old or more are kept either permanently or temporarily.

2.2.32 Lot:

A parcel of land of at least sufficient size to meet minimum zoning requirements for use, coverage, and area; and to provide such yards and other open spaces as herein required. Such lot may consist of a single lot of record; a portion of a lot of record; a combination of contiguous lots of record, or contiguous portions of lots of record; or a parcel of land described by metes and bounds. Site condominiums are exempted from this description— see definitions in Section 5.18.

2.2.33 Lot Area:

The area within the lot lines, but excluding that portion in a road or street right-of-way.

2.2.34 Lot Corner:

A parcel of land at the junction of and fronting or abutting on two (2) or more intersecting streets.

2.2.35 Lot Depth:

The average distance between the front and rear line of a lot measured in the general direction of its side lot lines.

2.2.36 Lot Coverage:

The part or percent of the lot occupied by buildings or structures, including accessory buildings or structures.

2.2.37 Lot of Record:

A lot which is part of a subdivision (including site condominiums) and is shown on a map thereof which has been recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Jackson County, or a lot described by metes and bounds, the deed to which has been recorded in said office.


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