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The line between upland and bottomland which persists through successive changes in water levels, below which the presence and action of the water is so common or recurrent that the character of the land is marked distinctly from the upland and is apparent in the soil itself, the configuration of the surface of the soil and the vegetation

2.2.46 Parking Space, Area, Lot:

An off-street open area, the principal use of which is for the parking of automobiles, whether for compensation or not, or as an accommodation to clients, customers, visitors, or employees.

2.2.47 Quarry:

Any pit, excavation, or mining operation for the purpose of searching for or removing from the premises any earth, rock, sand, gravel, clay, stone, slate, marble, or other non-metallic mineral in excess of fifty (50) cubic yards in any calendar year, but shall not include an excavation preparatory to the construction of a structure or public highway. 2.2.48 Permitted Use:

Uses of land which are mutually compatible within a zoning district; “permitted” means allowed. No special permit or application is required.

2.2.49 Riding Academy:

Any establishment where horses are kept for riding, driving, or stabling for compensation or incidental to the operation of any club, association, ranch, or similar establishment.

2.2.50 Roadside Stand:

A structure temporarily operated for the purpose of selling produce raised or produced primarily on the premises where situated, and its use shall not make a commercial district, nor shall its use be deemed a commercial activity.

2.2.51 Sign:

Any device designed to inform, or attract the attention of persons not on the premises on which the sign is located; except, however, the following which shall not be included within this definition:


Signs not exceeding one (1) square foot in area and bearing only property numbers, post box numbers, names of occupants of premises, or other identification of premises not having commercial connotations;


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