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The Planning Commission as hereinafter provided, shall have the authority to recommend to the Township Board the approval, denial, or approval subject to condition as specified in subsection 5.3.6, of the conditional use permit. The Township Board shall have the authority to approve, deny, or approve with conditions as specified in Section 5.3.6, the conditional use permit.

Application and Fee:

Application for any conditional use permit permissible under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be made to the Planning Commission through the Township Clerk by filing an official conditional use permit application form; submitting a site plan in accordance with Section 5.19; and payment of the required fee as established by resolution of the Township Board, except that no fee shall be required of any governmental body or agency. No part of such fee shall be returnable to the applicant.

Data, Information and Site Plan Application Requirements:

An application for a conditional use permit shall include the applicant's name and address in full, a statement that the applicant is the owner involved or is acting on the owner's behalf, the address of the property involved, and a site plan as specified in, and in accordance with, Section 5.19 - Site Plan Review and Approval, of this Ordinance.

Public Hearings:

After a preliminary review of the site plan and an application for a conditional use permit, the Planning Commission shall hold a hearing on the site plan and conditional use request. Notice of the hearing shall be given by mail or personal delivery to the owners of property for which special land use permit approval is being considered, to all persons to whom real property is assessed within three hundred (300) feet of the boundary of the property in question, and to the occupants of all structures within three hundred (300) feet. Notice of the public hearing shall also be published in a newspaper of general distribution in the township. Public notice shall be given not less than fifteen (15) days before the date of the public hearing on the application. If the name of the occupant is not known, the term "occupant" may be used in notification. Notification need not be given to more than one (1) occupant of a structure, except that if a structure contains more than one (1) dwelling unit or spatial area owned or leased by different persons, one (1) occupant of each unit or spatial area shall receive notice. If a single structure contains more than four (4) dwelling units or other distinct spatial areas owned or leased by different persons, notice maybe given to the manager or owner of the structure, who shall be requested to post the notice at the primary entrance to the structure. Each notice given under this section shall:

  • A.

    Describe the nature of the conditional use request;

  • B.

    Indicate the property that is the subject of the conditional use request;


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