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  • 6.

    Such removal processing or storage shall not be conducted as to cause the pollution by any material of any surface or subsurface, water-course, or body outside the lines of the lot on which such use shall be located.

  • 7.

    Such removal processing or storage shall not be conducted as to cause or threaten to cause the erosion by water of any land outside of said lot or of any land on said lot so that earth materials are carried outside of the lines of said lot, that such removal shall not be conducted as to alter the drainage pattern of surface or subsurface waters on adjacent property, and that in the event that such removal, processing, or storage shall cease to be conducted it shall be the continuing responsibility of the owner or operator thereof to assure that no erosion or alteration of drainage patterns, as specified in this paragraph, shall take place after the date of the cessation of operation.

  • 8.

    All fixed equipment and machinery shall be located at least one hundred

    • (100)

      feet from any lot lines and five hundred (500) feet from any residential zoning district, but that in the event the zoning classification of any land within five hundred (500) feet of such equipment or machinery shall be changed to residential subsequent to the operation of such equipment or machinery, the operation of such equipment or machinery may continue henceforth but in no case less than one hundred (100) feet from any lot line.

  • 9.

    There shall be erected a fence not less than six (6) feet in height around the periphery of the development. Fences shall be adequate to prevent trespass, and shall be placed no closer than fifty (50) feet to the top edge of any slope.

  • 10.

    All areas within any single development shall be rehabilitated progressively as they are worked out or abandoned to a condition of being entirely lacking in hazards, inconspicuous, and blended with the general surrounding ground form so as to appear reasonably natural.

  • 11.

    The operator shall file with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Administrator a detailed plan for the restoration of the development area which shall include the anticipated future use of the restored land, the proposed final topography indicated by contour lines of not greater interval than five (5) feet, steps which shall be taken to conserve topsoil; proposed and final landscaping; and the location of future roads, drives, drainage cour- ses, and/or other improvements contemplated. Said plans shall be subject to review and modification from time to time by the Planning Commission . The anticipated cost of carrying out the plans of restoration shall be included with said plans.


The operator shall file with the Township Board a performance bond, payable to Liberty Township and conditioned on the faithful performance of all


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