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requirements contained in the approved restoration plan. The amount of the required bond which will reflect the anticipated cost of restoration shall be fixed by the Liberty Township Board. The bond shall be released upon written certification of the Zoning Administrator that the restoration is complete and in compliance with the restoration plan.

    • 13.

      The permit or each renewal thereof shall be for a period of not more than five

      • (5)

        years and shall be renewable only upon reapplication, a redetermination by the Planning Commission and a filing of a performance bond, said redetermination to be made in accordance with the requirements of this Ordinance for the issuance of a conditional use permit.

  • B.

    Junk Yards:

In addition to and as an integral part of development, the following provisions shall apply:

  • 1.

    It is recognized by this Ordinance that the location of such materials in an open area included in this Ordinance's definition of "junk yard" will cause the reduction of the value of adjoining property. To the end that the character of the district shall be maintained and property values conserved, a solid, unpierced fence or wall at least seven (7) feet in height, and not less than the height of the materials on the lot on which a junk yard shall be operated, shall be located on said lot no closer to the lot lines than the yard requirements for buildings permitted in this district. All gates, doors, and access ways through said fence or wall shall be of solid, unpierced material. In no event shall any materials included in this Ordinance's definition of "junk yard" be located on the lot on which a junk yard shall be operated in the area between the lines of said lot and the solid, unpierced fence or wall located on said lot.

  • 2.

    All traffic ingress or egress shall be on major streets, and there shall be not more than one (1) entrance way to the lot on which a junk yard shall be oper- ated from each public road on which said lot abuts.

    • 3.

      All roads, driveways, parking lots, and loading and unloading areas within any yard of a junk yard shall be paved, watered, or chemically treated so as to limit adjoining lots and public roads the nuisance caused by windborne dust.

  • C.

    Mobile Home Park:

Mobile Home Parks are under the jurisdiction of the State Mobile Home Commission


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