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require a resubmission of the preliminary site plan for further review and possible revision prior to accepting the proposed final site plan for review.

The final detailed site plan shall conform substantially to the preliminary site plan that has received preliminary site plan approval. It should incorporate any revisions or other features that may have been recommended by the Township Planning Commission at the preliminary review. All such compliances shall be clearly indicated by the applicant on the appropriate submission.


Action on Final Detailed Site Plan Application.

Within thirty application for

(30) days of the receipt of preliminary site plan approval,

the complete the Township

Planning Commission shall meet to consider the request. The Township Planning Commission then shall act on the request within sixty (60) days after this meeting. If no decision is made within the sixty (60) day period, the final site plan shall be considered approved. The Township Planning Commission’s action shall be in the form of a written statement to the applicant stating whether or not the final site

plan is approved. A copy of the Township Planning Commission

appropriate minutes of the shall be sufficient report.


Upon approving an application, the Township Planning Commission shall endorse its approval on a copy of the final detailed site plan.

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      Upon disapproving an application, the Township Planning Commission shall so inform the applicant in writing of its decision and its reasons for disapproval. A copy of the appropriate minutes may suffice for this notice. After disapproval of the application, the Township Planning Commission may recommend further study of the site plan and resubmission of the final detailed site plan to the Township Planning Commission after it has been revised or redesigned to reflect necessary modifications.

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