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  • 6.

    That the proposed changes will materially and substantially benefit the use as a dwelling place and/or make the use more in conformity with the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance and the building code.

  • 7.

    That the proposed changes will not have an adverse effect upon the uses in the general vicinity by creating new or different violations of this Zoning Ordinance.

All applications under this section shall be accompanied by complete plans and specifications of the proposed improvements to the existing dwelling or new unit if substitution of the dwelling is requested.

All applications under this section shall be submitted on forms provided by the Township.

There shall be a specific exemption from the preceding prohibitions in Section 5.12 Nonconformities, which shall apply specifically to rebuilding, replacing, or substitut- ing a non-conforming use when such use is occupied as a single-family dwelling located on a lot or parcel which, in all other respects, complied with all other provisions of this ordinance.

In this case, the owner or tenant of said dwelling shall make application to the Zoning Administrator through the Township Clerk requesting exemption from the aforesaid prohibitions of Section 5.12. If the Zoning Administrator shall determine that for reasons of health, sanitation, safety, or the well-being of the occupants that the request is proper, then the Zoning Administrator may authorize the tenant or owner to rebuild, replace, or substitute said single-family dwelling.

Prior to granting any such request under the provisions of this section, the Zoning Administrator shall make the following findings of fact and apply the following standards:

  • 1.

    That the dwelling was originally constructed as a dwelling and has continu- ously been occupied as a dwelling.

  • 2.

    That the dwelling currently is occupied as a dwelling by the owner, or if not occupied by the owner, then the premises shall not be leased or rented for monetary gain, except that if the dwelling is already being leased or rented its use as rental property shall be allowed to continue.


That by reasons of original construction, current condition, or as part of the proposed changes, the use will have electrical and sanitation facilities meeting the requirements of this Zoning Ordinance and any applicable building codes.


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