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Required off-street parking facilities shall be located on the same lot as the principal building or on a lot within three hundred (300) feet thereof except that this distance shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet for single-family and two-family dwellings. This distance specified shall be measured from the nearest point of the parking facility to the nearest point of the lot occupied by the building or use that such facility is required to serve.

5.14.3 Parking in Residential Districts:

Parking of motor vehicles in residential districts shall be limited to passenger vehicles, and not more than one (1) commercial vehicle of the light delivery type, not to exceed one (1) ton shall be permitted per dwelling unit. The parking of any other type of commercial vehicle, except for those parked on school or church property, is prohibited in a residential zone.

      • 5.14.4

        Off-Street Parking Area Design:

        • A.

          Each off-street parking space for automobiles shall be not less than two hundred

      • (200)

        square feet in area, exclusive of access drives or aisles, and shall be of usable shape and condition.

  • B.

    There shall be provided a minimum access drive of ten (10) feet in width, and where a turning radius is necessary, it will be of such an arc as to reasonably allow an unobstructed flow of vehicles.

  • C.

    Parking aisles for automobiles shall be of sufficient width to allow a minimum turning movement in and out of parking space. The minimum width of such aisles shall be:

  • 1.

    For ninety (90) degree or perpendicular parking, the aisle shall not be less than twenty-two (22) feet in width.

  • 2.

    For sixty (60) degree parking, the aisle shall not be less than eighteen (18) feet.


For forty-five (45) degree parking, the aisle shall not be less than thirteen (13) feet in width.

    • 4.

      For parallel parking, the aisle shall not be less than ten (10) feet in width.

  • D.

    All off-street parking spaces shall not be closer than five (5) feet to any property line, except where a wall, fence, or compact planting strip exists as a parking barrier along the property line.


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