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  • E.

    All off-street parking areas shall be drained so as to prevent drainage to abutting properties and shall be constructed of materials which will have a dust-free surface resistant to erosion.

  • F.

    Any lighting fixtures used to illuminate any off-street parking area shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from any adjoining residential lot or institutional premises.

  • G.

    Any off-street parking area providing space for five (5) or more vehicles shall be effectively screened on any side which adjoins or faces property adjoining a resi- dential lot or institution, by a wall, fence, or compact planting not less than four (4) feet in height. Plantings shall be maintained in good condition and not encroach on adjoining property.

  • H.

    All off-street parking areas that make it necessary for vehicles to back out directly into a public road are prohibited, provided that this prohibition shall not apply to off- street parking areas of one- or two-family dwellings.

5.14.5 Collective Parking:

Requirements for the provision of parking facilities with respect to two (2) or more property uses of the same or different types may be satisfied if the permanent allocation of the requisite number of spaces designated is not less than the sum of individual requirements.

5.14.6 Determining Requirements:

For the purposes of determining off-street parking requirements the following units of measurement shall apply:


Floor Area:

In the case where floor area is the unit for determining the required number of off- street parking spaces, said unit shall mean the gross floor area, except that such floor area need not include any area used for parking within the principal building and need not include any area used for incidental service storage, installations of mechanical equipment, penthouse housing ventilators and heating systems, and similar uses.


Places of Assembly:

In stadiums, sports arenas, churches, and other places of assembly in which those in attendance occupy benches, pews, or other similar seating facilities, each eighteen (18) inches of such seating facilities shall be counted as one (1) seat. In cases where


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