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  • C.

    The use shall not interfere with the general enjoyment of adjacent property.

  • D.

    The use shall represent an improvement to the use or character of the property under consideration and the surrounding area in general, yet also be in keeping with the natural environment of the site.

  • E.

    The use shall not be hazardous to adjacent property, or involve uses, activities, materials or equipment which will be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of persons or property through the excessive production of traffic, noise, smoke, odor, fumes, glare, or dust.

  • F.

    The use shall be adequately served by essential public facilities and services, or it shall be demonstrated that the person responsible for the proposed use shall be able to continually provide adequately for the services and facilities deemed essential to the use under consideration.


The use shall not place demands on public services and facilities in excess of current capacity.

  • H.

    The use shall be consistent with the intent and purpose of this Ordinance.

      • 5.19.6

        Approval of Site Plan:

Upon the Planning Commission’s approval of a site plan, the applicant shall file with the Clerk four (4) copies thereof. The Clerk shall, within ten (10) days, transmit to the Zoning Administrator one (1) copy with the Clerk's certificate affixed thereto, certifying that said approved site plan conforms to the provisions of this Ordinance as determined. If the site plan is disapproved by the Planning Commission, notification of such disapproval shall be given to the applicant within ten (10) days after such action. The Zoning Administrator shall not issue a zoning compliance permit and building permit until he has received a certified approved site plan.

The site plan, as approved, shall become part of the record of approval, and subsequent actions relating to the activity authorized shall be consistent with the approved site plan, unless a revision is completed in accordance with Subsection 5.19.8.

      • 5.19.7

        Expiration of Site Plan Certificate: The site plan certificate shall expire, and be of no effect, three hundred sixty-five

    • (365)

      days after the date of issuance thereof, unless within such time the Zoning Administrator has issued a zoning compliance permit for any proposed work authorized under a said site plan certificate.


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