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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Students in all focus areas will integrate a variety of ICT applications through the development, modification and production of practical projects. These include:

creation of spreadsheets for material costing

use of the internet in research activities

word processing and graphics in the production of reports in relation to practical and research projects

knowledge and application of ICT directly related to the focus area

optional use of computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) in the production of working drawings.

Work, Employment and Enterprise

In all aspects of the course, students will use and apply appropriate industry terminology and work practices. Students develop an awareness of the range of vocational opportunities available through a materials-based focal study. Problem-solving, workplace communication, cooperative work practices and Occupational Health and Safety are embedded in all focus areas.

Civics and Citizenship

Students develop a sound knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes which enables them to become discriminating consumers and users of materials and processes. This encourages participation as active and informed citizens. Students also reflect on the environmental impacts of industries, leading to ethical considerations in technical practice.

Difference and Diversity

All students are encouraged to develop skills in a variety of areas in which they are interested. By participating in cooperative work practices they learn to appreciate the various roles and contributions of people in society. Students learn the importance of respecting and valuing differences in others.


All focus areas foster an awareness of the impact of industry on the environment and the importance of the use of alternative and sustainable resources. This enables students to make informed decisions in relation to the selection and use of materials and processes.


The Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus provides opportunities for students to engage with technological study through a range of focus areas. The technological activities are gender-inclusive and accessible to all students.

Key Competencies

The course structure and pedagogy provide extensive opportunities to develop the key competencies. Experiences in the development of a variety of practical projects ensure that all the key competencies are addressed. During the course, students learn to:

source, select and sequence information about issues in a selected focus area, developing competence in collecting, analysing and organising information

debate, describe, discuss and explain ideas and issues in written, graphic and oral form, developing competence in communicating ideas and information

plan, prepare and present project work to meet a range of needs within set time frames, developing competence in planning and organising activities

cooperate with individuals and groups, developing competence in working with others and teams


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