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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

9Continuum of Learning in Industrial Technology K–10

9.1Stage Statements

Stage statements illustrate the continuum of learning in the Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus and are summaries of the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that have been developed by students as a consequence of achieving the outcomes for the relevant stage of learning.

Early Stage 1 – Science and Technology

Students who have achieved Early Stage 1 show a growing awareness of, and interest in, the natural and made environments. They demonstrate confidence in proposing ideas for designs they develop through play and modelling. They demonstrate curiosity about artefacts, events, phenomena, places and living things around them.

Early Stage 1 students use play to explore ideas, manipulate materials and trial solutions. They develop and begin to refine their understanding of environments, materials, equipment and other resources through trial and error. They ask questions, suggest ideas, propose their own explanations and are able to report verbally and graphically on their actions and observations.

Students in this stage use their senses to observe features of their immediate environment and to explore the properties of a range of common materials. They identify and group living and non-living things according to some common characteristics.

Students explore and identify the needs of people and other living things. They recognise the use of some forms of energy and their ideas about it are beginning to develop as they experience energy in different contexts.

Students generate their own ideas, using make-believe, and express these verbally, pictorially and through modelling. They are unlikely to perceive the steps in a designing and making process as they often work in situations where these aspects occur at the same time. They identify what they like or dislike about their designs or explorations.

Students in Early Stage 1 recognise that information can come from a variety of sources, including other people and from different media, for example, books and videos. They demonstrate an awareness of a range of uses for computer-based technology as well as showing an emerging confidence in their ability to explore and use computer-based technologies, with assistance, to create text, images and play games.

Students show growing awareness of the appropriate use and maintenance of a range of classroom equipment. They give reasons for safe working practices and organisational procedures related to the use of equipment, resources and materials. Students develop ideas through the use and manipulation of concrete materials as a means of progressing towards abstract thought.


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