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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

Stage 1 – Science and Technology

Students who have achieved Stage 1 are developing an awareness of the wider world and are applying their scientific and technological understanding to new and different situations. They are starting to develop the social skills required to investigate, design and make products and services.

Students are starting to appreciate the interdependence of living things and their environments. They recognise that people create products, services and environments to meet their own needs. They build on their existing understanding of some of the forms of energy.

Students are able to interpret information and make predictions based on their own observations. They are better able to accept that the result of a test may be different from what was originally expected.

Students are able to recognise the purpose of an investigation and seek further information as a result of their own curiosity. They begin to see that an investigation is a series of orderly steps. They use their senses to identify similarities and differences. Students show curiosity about natural and made environments and seek explanations that allow them to interpret their observations.

Using plans, drawings and models, Stage 1 students begin to generate and select ideas to best meet design task objectives, and give simple explanations of why they have chosen a certain idea. Students in this stage can draw plans for a design and can explain some of the features and materials to be used. They can write labels and simple explanations when creating images.

Students recognise and discuss with others some of the strengths and limitations of what they have done and identify some changes that could be made to improve plans or models, for example in appearance. They make comparisons about what they like and dislike about familiar products, systems or environments.

Students effectively manipulate materials that are available in the classroom environment, and show a growing awareness of the different properties of such materials and how they affect the way in which the materials are used. They recognise that some materials occur naturally, while others are made.

Students have a developing awareness of a range of media and information products. They are able to use computer technology to start and open files or applications, save and shut down. They are able to use computer-based technologies where appropriate for a given task.

They are able to identify the different forms of technology in their immediate environments and explain how they help us. They safely use, maintain and store equipment such as scissors, magnifying glasses, computers and disks.


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