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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

Stage 3 – Science and Technology

Students who have achieved Stage 3 are able to undertake investigations independently in order to satisfy their own curiosity. They demonstrate a willingness to initiate their own investigations; this might include designing appropriate fair tests to evaluate a range of possible explanations for the results of their investigations.

Students select and use appropriate language, structures and media and demonstrate skills in critically examining and communicating scientific and technological ideas and issues. Students can relate their scientific and technological understanding to new tasks or different situations.

Students research and investigate to identify phenomena and processes that have influenced Earth over time. They build on their existing understanding of forms of energy.

Students are aware of the skills and processes involved in designing and making, investigating and using technology. They manage the design process including aspects of time management, design constraints and needs of the target audience. At this stage, they can make decisions involving some conflicting interests or issues, for example ethical, aesthetic, environmental and cultural.

Students use two- and three-dimensional drawings and models to develop and modify their design ideas and to communicate details to others. They recognise and use some conventions and symbols related to developing plans and diagrams, such as measurements and some use of scale. They can observe the form and detail of objects carefully in order to produce accurate drawings from different views and they reflect on their drawings, sketches or computer models.

Students are aware of a range of issues related to scientific and technological achievements. They are capable of acquiring information from a variety of sources and are able to experiment with new techniques and skills as technologies change. Students identify emerging trends by using data, diagrams and a range of tools and equipment to assist with observations.

Students recognise that computer-based technologies have a wide range of applications in society and can identify and describe some of the effects of such technologies on individuals and communities. Students who have achieved Stage 3 can confidently and competently use a range of computer-based hardware and applications. Students at this stage can identify alternative uses and can be creative in adapting available software to the requirements of a task.

Students reflect on the methods used and positive and negative results of technological and scientific activity both throughout their own projects and in personal, local and global contexts.


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