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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

Stage 4 – Technology (Mandatory)

Students at Stage 4 are able to independently initiate design projects and investigations that reflect an understanding of needs and opportunities. They demonstrate the ability to research and extract information from a variety of sources and a willingness to use experiments and tests to enhance the development of a design project. They describe factors that influence design.

Students select and use a broad range of media and method, and appropriate language and structures, to accurately communicate design ideas to a diverse audience. This may include recounting the process of designing, producing and evaluating used when developing design projects. Students are aware of the skills and processes involved in designing and are able to generate and communicate design ideas and solutions. They develop knowledge and understanding of a range of design processes, roles of designers and associated work opportunities. They can identify what makes good design and are able to creatively develop quality design projects.

Students responsibly, safely, confidently and accurately apply a range of contemporary and appropriate tools, materials and techniques and understand the implications and applications of these in the wider community. Students demonstrate competence when using a range of ICTs and have the ability to select and use them appropriately in developing design projects.

Students recognise the importance of safety, quality and management in the design and production of design projects. They learn to manage their own time by sequencing processes of designing, producing and evaluating to plan ahead. They work collaboratively and learn to work safely with others in technological environments.

Throughout the design process students reflect on and evaluate their design projects. They consider the impact of innovation and emerging technology on society and the environment and identify and explain ethical, social, sustainability and environmental considerations related to design projects.

Stage 4 – Industrial Technology

Students undertaking the study of Industrial Technology at Stage 4 enhance and enrich the experiences gained through Technology (Mandatory) Years 7–8. In particular they will focus more directly on the development of specific practical skills associated with the material being studied and the associated Occupational Health and Safety issues arising through the use of these materials and related equipment.


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