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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus


Presentations allow students to develop skills in communicating their ideas in oral, graphic and written forms using a variety of subject specific concepts and content. They provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their skills and reflect upon the performances of others. Assessment strategies may include prepared and impromptu oral presentations, graphical presentation of project ideas and concepts and various forms of display techniques. When presentations are used for assessment purposes, students could be assessed on their ability to:

select and apply appropriate information and communication techniques

present information in a creative and logical manner.


Journals provide opportunities for students to write personal reflections. They allow students to develop knowledge, skills and abilities to make informed, responsible choices. They also develop in students, self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

When using journals as an assessment technique, students could be assessed on their ability to:

show appropriate depth of analysis

effectively describe the development and production of projects.

Peer assessment

Industrial Technology encourages the active involvement of students in the learning process. Opportunities exist for individual and collaborative work. Activities involving peer assessment might include evaluating the contribution of individuals to a group task, and reflecting on a peer project or presentation.


In Industrial Technology students are encouraged to acquire basic skills to become self-directed learners. Opportunities exist for students to reflect upon their progress towards the achievement of the syllabus outcomes through the progressive and ongoing evaluation of practical projects and processes. This reflection provides the basis for improving their learning. Developing self-assessment skills is an ongoing process, becoming increasingly more sophisticated and self-initiated as a student progresses.

By self-assessing students can:

identify their own personal development over time

identify key indicators and evidence of their own learning.


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