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Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus

by which teachers can provide continuity of study for all students, particularly to ensure successful transition through Years 5 to 8 and from Year 10 to Year 11.

The syllabus also assists students to maximise their achievement in Industrial Technology through the acquisition of additional knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes. It contains advice to assist teachers to program learning for those students who have gone beyond achieving the outcomes through their study of the essential content.

1.2Students with Special Education Needs

In the K–6 curriculum, students with special education needs are provided for in the following ways:

through the inclusion of outcomes and content in syllabuses which provide for the full range of students

through the development of additional advice and programming support for teachers to assist students to access the outcomes of the syllabus

through the development of specific support documents for students with special education needs

through teachers and parents planning together to ensure that syllabus outcomes and content reflect the learning needs and priorities of individual students.

Students with special education needs build on their achievements in K–6 as they progress through their secondary study and undertake courses to meet the requirements for the School Certificate.

It is necessary to continue focusing on the needs, interests and abilities of each student when planning a program for secondary schooling. The program will comprise the most appropriate combination of courses, outcomes and content available.

Life Skills

For most students with special education needs, the outcomes and content in sections 6 and 7 of this syllabus will be appropriate but for a small percentage of these students, particularly those with an intellectual disability, it may be determined that these outcomes and content are not appropriate. For these students the Life Skills outcomes and content in section 8 and the Life Skills assessment advice below can provide the basis for developing a relevant and meaningful program.

Access to Life Skills outcomes and content in Years 7–10

A decision to allow a student to access the Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes and content should include parents/carers and be based on careful consideration of the student’s competencies and learning needs.

The decision should establish that the outcomes and content in sections 6 and 7 of the Industrial Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus are not appropriate to meet the needs of the student. Consideration should be given to whether modifications to programs and to teaching, including adjustments to learning activities and assessment, would enable the student to access the syllabus outcomes and content.


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