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Slopes for EZ Roll Grassroad Paver surfaces can vary from flat to 20%, depending upon vehicle types to use the surface.  Please note that Fire Apparatus Access Roads will generally require a slope that is 10% or less in accordance with IFC D103.2.  If there are any questions regarding existing slopes on this project, please contact the Landscape Architect or Civil Engineer.

D.  Cold weather:

1.   Do not use frozen materials or materials mixed or coated with ice or frost.

2.  Do not build on frozen work or wet, saturated or muddy subgrade.

E.  Protect partially completed paving against damage from other construction traffic when work is in progress, and until grass root system has matured (about 3 to 4 weeks).  Any barricades constructed must still be accessible by emergency and fire equipment during and after installation.

F.  Protect adjacent work from damage during EZ Roll Grassroad Paver installation.


2.1 Availability

A.  Manufacturer: NDS, Inc., 851 North Harvard Avenue, PO Box 339, Lindsay, California 93247. Toll Free (800) 726-1994. Toll Free Fax (800) 726-1998. Phone (559) 562-9888. Fax (559) 562-4488.  Website: www.ndspro.com.  E-Mail nds@ndspro.com.

2.2 Materials


Base Course - Example: Sandy gravel material from local sources commonly used for road base construction, passing the following sieve analysis.

% PassingSieve Size





< 3#200

1.  Sources of the material may include "pit run" or "crusher run.”  Crusher run material will typically require sand be added (33% by volume) to ensure long term porosity.  Should local sources not be available an alternative mixture can be created by mixing 2/3 crushed stone (0.75” dia.) with 1/3 sand as available.

2.  Alternative materials such as a washed or clean stone (0.75” Diameter Typical) stone may be used; however a soil separator must be installed above stone base and below growing medium.

B.   EZ Roll Grassroad Paver Grass Paving Units: Injection-molded, linked and nested honeycomb cell, rolled grass paver structure (24"x24"x1" high, 4.0 ft2 each) with Seventy-two 2-1/4-inch hexagonal cells in nested honeycomb form, with integrated cross-links to allow for rollout installation allowing maximum grass root penetration and development. Top Surface of Hexagonal Cell Wall is smooth, without notches or grooves. Bottom Surface Open Area is greater than 80 percent or 478 square inches per paver section. The plastic shall be up to 100% recycled Polyolefin with UV inhibitors. Loading capability is equal to 52,600 psf when empty, over an appropriate depth of road base.  Standard color is black.  Unit weight = 2.31 lbs.  Units may also

32 12 43 - 2                             FLEXIBLE POROUS PAVING

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