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be shipped in pre-assembled into rolls that vary from 4 feet x 24 feet (96 sf) to 4 feet x 150 feet (600 sf). Panels are assembled with lateral snap locks.

C.  Soil:  Obtain specified topsoil to fill the 1-inch (25 mm) high cells and spaces between the cells when seeding.


3.1 Inspection

A.  Examine sub-grade and base course installed conditions.  Do not start EZ Roll Grassroad Paver installation until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.  Check for improperly compacted trenches, debris, and improper gradients.

B.  Installation constitutes acceptance of existing conditions and responsibility for satisfactory performance.  If existing conditions are found unsatisfactory, contact Quality Control Manager for resolution.

3.2 Preparation

A.  Place base course material over prepared sub base to grades shown on plans, in lifts not to exceed 6” (150 mm), compacting each lift separately to 95% Modified Proctor.  Leave minimum (1”) 25 mm for EZ Roll Grassroad Paver unit and soil, fill to Final Grade.

3.3 Installation of EZ Roll Grassroad Paver Units

A.  Install the EZ Roll Grassroad Paver units by placing units with rings facing up and connect the lateral snap locks provided to maintain proper spacing and interlock the units. Units can be easily shaped with hand pruner’s.  Maintain 1” clearance to any pre-installed object or surface structure. Units placed on curves and slopes shall be anchored to the base course, using soil nails with fender washer (or alternate), as required to secure units in place.  Tops of cells shall be between 0.25" to 0.5" below the surface of adjacent hard-surface pavements.

B.  Install specified topsoil in cells as they are laid in sections by dump truck or other equipment, or from buckets mounted on tractors, soil should be added to the cells from an area already filled with soil.  Soil should be spread to fill each cell to the top surface.

3.4 Installation of Grass – See Section 32 92 19 Seeding and 32 91 13 Soil Preparation (other methods of installing grass may be acceptable, such as sod)

A. Hydroseeding/hydro-mulching - A combination of water, seed and fertilizer are homogeneously mixed in a purpose-built, truck-mounted tank. The seed mixture is sprayed onto the site at rates shown in specification section 32 92 19.16 Hydraulic Seeding.  Coverage must be uniform and complete.  Following germination of the seed, areas lacking germination larger than 8" x 8" must be reseeded immediately. Seeded areas must be fertilized and kept moist during development of the turf plants.

B. A light “dusting” of imported topsoil mix, not to exceed 1/2” (25 mm) can be placed above the rings and seed mix to aid germination rates.  Seeded areas must be fertilized and kept moist during development of the turf plants.

32 12 43 - 3                             FLEXIBLE POROUS PAVING

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