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Interview with Cristina Nascimento Dias dos Santos Rio de Janeiro in march 1999 Interviewer: Chris ... - page 6 / 8





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movements of Capoeira. We want to give it continuity, but it is not a nucleus which exists formally. One objective of organizing this roda is to provide that the women have a mirror of what exists in terms of possibilities within Capoeira, which they themselves can realize. And so that they can find references for those possibilities. Seeing various women leading a roda... The roda was very beautiful, with a lot of preoccupation for the space, we put flowers, a table of fruits, and those little details which show a bit of what the feminine world is. Capoeira is basically expression. We have different movements as those of the men, basic differences which imprint a different expression and although Capoeira is basically expression.. The feminine world has a different expression than the masculine, it is neither better nor worse. The preocupation of the finest details, such as the organization of the space, this lavagem6 which happened in the beginning, of the women arriving and searching for the spiritual cleaning is something very proper to women; related to protection.

Are women also agressive?

Women have another form of expressing aggression. Yes they have aggression, but we have a different manner of expressing what belongs to the feminine world. What have we learned up until today about defending countries? You have a strong military, a war, well, you have to make war in order to defend yourself. And in reality we learned this as well socially, and I do not really know if this belongs to the feminine world. We have feminin warriors in our history, standing at the front of the battle, and they fought for their people, but I do not know if this is an essential part of the feminine world, this for to express self-defense and ones own aggressivity. I do not know if it was already allowed that we utilize these expressions like something essentially and especifically ours, therefore I cannot say if this is or is not essentially from the feminine world.

How do you want to search out the possibilities to more deeply express the essence of the feminine world?

I do not want to copy a masculine model. It has a little bit to do with what I mentioned about the expression in the roda. Returning to what I had said before that we do not have to make offensive movements. If one day I have to physically confront a man, I will not confront him arm to arm, because I know that my physical and biological structure is different than that of a man. Will I defend myself? If possible, would I hit back? I would. But I would search out a manner to not confront him with strength, measuring our strength, in a struggle of strength with him. Phsyically I know that a man is stronger than I am. As Capoeira is not about strength, strength then loses its importance. I would search for an expression which belongs to me. I do not want to have to become masculine to train in Capoeira. I do not want to be recognized as I have often heard it from men, ”She plays very nice, as if a man were playing”. I do not want to appear like a man as he plays, I want to be a Capoeirista woman. I am not involved in competition with the masculine world, I want to continue in the feminine world. The feminist as well as the masculine expressions are important in life, to balance out nature. I like my feminity. I like to discover more and more my womanhood. Lots of things from the feminine universe have been lost, they have been massacred, they have been questioned in their validity.


lavagem, literally means laundry. It means spiritual or religious processions.


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