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reliability, and manageability, it’s no wonder that Emulex HBAs remain the deployment leader in the world’s largest enterprises.

Measuring Actual Performance The performance of a Fibre Channel HBA is often measured using two common metrics. One is the number of I/O (input/output) transactions that can be performed per second, referred to as IOPS. The second way to measure performance is the number of bytes of data that can be moved per second, which is measured in MB/s.

When considering the performance of a Fibre Channel HBA, it really makes the most sense to understand its performance characteristics at the working data size used by the applications it will need to support.

Consider, for example, databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, which support enterprise applications such as SAP or the transactional applications that make sales possible. Or consider the datastore used by Microsoft Exchange, the backbone of many companies’ email and messaging systems. Such applications typically exchange data in blocks ranging from 4Kb to 8Kb in size. The performance of Emulex dual-channel HBAs is designed to excel at these critical data sizes. The Emulex LPe11002 performs up to 36% more IOPS in the data range most used by these applications compared to the Qlogic QLE2462 (Chart 1).

chart 1: I/o transaction performance of data sizes typical of business-critical applications


cPu efficiency Host bus adapters can offload the server CPU from managing I/O, thereby increasing the number of server CPU cycles available for application processing. The Emulex LPe11002 excels at offloading transactional I/O workloads (typified by Microsoft Exchange) by providing 27% greater CPU efficiency over the QLogic QLE2462. This CPU efficiency advantage translates into increased CPU cycles for server applications and cost savings on server configurations.

chart ๎€‡: cPu effectiveness

IOPS per CPU% Used

2500 2000


1000 500


Exchange I/O Pro๎€œle

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