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Making every Port count When customers purchase a dual-channel HBA, they expect they will get the advertised throughput through both ports. Some competing 4Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs deliver optimum throughput through only one port, with performance degrading significantly through the second port. This cripples the performance of the server in which they are placed, as well as wasting space, electrical power and cooling capacity. The performance difference can be clearly seen in the following charts.

chart : Maximum read throughput for concurrent dual-port operation of 4gb/s HBAs

1) All performance results used in these comparisons were made on commonly available server and storage hardware. The Emulex LPe11002 HBA used the latest HBA driver and firmware available to OEM customers. HBA drivers for competitor’s HBA were the latest publicly available as of 12/27/06, and all parameters are set to factory defaults.

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These performance charts1 show that the Emulex LPe11002 provides throughput that most closely utilizes the full performance of 4Gb/s Fibre Channel and the PCI Express bus. In fact, it exceeds the competition by 200MB/s in read throughput (Chart 3), and by a massive 640MB/s in full- duplex operations (Chart 4), when measured at the data sizes most often used by business applications. The Emulex full duplex performance in Chart 4 is significant since it is accomplished at 64Kb data block size, the large block data size used frequently by data backup applications. When required to perform full duplexing, in fact, the competitor’s 4Gb/s HBA delivers no full duplex throughput advantage over a single-channel HBA. Emulex thus provides 78% greater bandwidth over the nearest competitor with its 4Gb/s dual-channel HBAs and significant transactional performance advantages at the data sizes most often used by business applications. The Emulex dual-channel LP11002 and LPe11002 4Gb/s HBAs and LP1105/LPe1105 based Blade Server solutions offer the highest data throughput performance available for high performance Fibre Channel storage computing needs.

chart 4: concurrent full-duplex throughput of 4gb/s dual-channel HBAs

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