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Dreams are various. Some are brief, easily forgotten, and some are long, going in a different ways and developed in different dimensions. There are connected dreams, bizarre dreams, wonderfully dreams, dangerous dreams, dreams full of passion...

There are important and insignificant dreams. Between these two extremes exists a space with multitude possibilities and many variants in which dreams could show.

We are not trying to say many new things about dreams, neither to give all the answers to a thousands of puzzles. We tried to give the one introduction in a dream aproach. And something more. Without emphasized modesty, we are trying to point to ways in an origin of dreams, their interpretations, and use of our dreams in a real life. We tried to give an interpretation of relationship between sleep and dream and our focal, precisely poly-focal theory which could explain rising dreams from different parts of nervous tissue or some anatomical, biochemical and psychological structures also.

Dreams have the one inexorable feature. They are specifically veracious, in uncovering our spiritual life, our mind. Some dreams nothing hide and that is the reason why most people show great respect for dreams. We could say that dreams are laboratory of our spiritual life. They include past, present and future; they are source of numerous opportunities.

Dreams are crucial evidence of connection between mysticism of primitive thought and prevalent magic. To show those connections we tried to point on to historical facts, some elements of mysticism, and some philosophers who wrote about dreams. These investigators knew much about dreams, in their time.

We realize that there is lot of incosistence in our work. We are lack of experimental investigations. We tried to substitute this with clinical, biographical and dream description of clients, patients and autoobservers. We constructed our own practical aproach and show method of dream interpretation- directive-nondirective method "It would not be in a dream if it were not in real". With this method, almost every dream could be treat,. We do not want to deny parapsychological opportunities in dreams, but we tried to restrict this from pseudoscientific and mystical thoughts. Stll, every dream is completely unique product of the dreamer in time and space  

I have been occupied with dreams since my childhood, but I cannot say that I know dreams completely. Even my own dreams sometimes are great mystery for me.

Every time has its own people, all people have their own dreams. Dreams are like their dreamers in space and time. Variants are boundless.

Every person is poor without understanding dreams, , just like humankind would be poor without dreams. This is my small contribution to  a big puzzle.

At the end, I like to thank to my associates who made possible to publish in a very short time, my experience and my thoughts.

In a first place, I acknowledge to reviewers Prof. Dr Vladislav Panić and prof. Dr Dragoljub Slijepčević. Also I would like to thank to prof. Dušan Stošić for a special advices and great efforts in editing this text, and also to my collaborators, Vladimir Krasić from the radio broadcasting "What I dream and what is happening to me", Radio Novosti, and Slaviša Ivković, the writer of the book "Dreams''


Snova ima raznovrsnih, kratkotrajnih, odmah zaboravljenih, do onih koji su dugi i odvijaju su na više načina i u više dimenzija. Ima ih povezanih, besmislenih, lepih i čudnih, tužnih i smešnih, opasnih i punih uživanja. Ima "značajnih", ali i “beznačajnih”, a ovi drugi bi bili predmet posebnog zanimanja svakog pojedinca, sa više pitanja i bezbroj zagonetki i ne samo snevača. Između ovih krajnosti, postoji onaj prostor koji obuhvata središni

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