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Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven + Earth’ — Checking the Claims

Ian G. Enting

Version 2.2 RC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems

The University of Melbourne

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Ian Plimer’s book, Heaven + Earth — Global

arming: The Missing Science, claims to demol-

ish the theory of human-induced global warming due to the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Overall:

  • it has numerous internal inconsistencies;

  • in spite of the extensive referencing, key data are unattributed and the content of refer-

ences is often mis-quoted.

Most importantly, Ian Plimer fails to establish his claim that the human influence on climate can be ignored, relative to natural variations.

Ian Plimer’s claim that the human influence on climate can be ignored, relative to natural variations, seems to rest on three main strands of argument:

a: the extent of natural variability is larger than considered in ‘mainstream’ analyses;

b: changes in radiative forcing from greenhouse gases have less effect than determined in ‘mainstream’ analyses;

c: the IPCC uses a range of misrepresentations to conceal points a and b. mong the many errors made in attempting to establish these claims, are cases where Plimer:

  • misrepresents the content of IPCC reports on at least 15 occasions as well as misrepre-

senting the operation of the IPCC and the authorship of IPCC reports;

  • has at least 28 other instances of misrepresenting the content of cited sources;

  • has at least 2 graphs where checks show that the original is a plot of something other than what Plimer claims and many others where data are misrepresented;

  • has at least 10 cases of misrepresenting data records in addition to some instances (in- cluded in the total above) of misrepresenting data from cited source.

Details of these various types of flaw can be obtained via the relevant entries in the index. guide to how readers can independently check my claims is given on page 55.


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