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p. 198: In fact the sea-ice has expanded and high winds during an rctic storm killed four polar bears .. Indeed saying sea-ice has expanded may well be true if one writes during the northern winter. The end-date of the record shown as the lower curve in Figure 29, sug-

gests such ‘cherry-picking’.

However, the purported

rctic data are a misrepresentation

of the source. The curve is a global anomaly — see item 54.

46. p. 217: Mt Pinatubo . . . released 20 millions tonnes of sulphur dioxide .... and very large quantities of chlorofluorocarbons. . . . The reference cited for this [footnote 1075] makes no such claims and is not reporting observations of anything. It is about a modelling study that compares the chemical effects of Pinatubo emissions to the effect of chlorofluorocar- bons — [also in TL list].


p. 219:

n almost entirely eruption-free period from 1912 to 1963 coincided with an

a v e r a g e g l o b a l w a r m i n g o f 0 . 5 C . I t i s q u i t e p o s s i b l e t h a t t h e a t m o s p h e r e w a r m e d d u to the lack of a normal quota of volcanic aerosols. Precisely. This statement completely undermines Plimer’s arguments that CO2 can’t be causing later warming because there e

was too little CO2 increase at the time of early 20th century warming.

48. p. 229: In about 9000 years time, perihelion will occur in the Northern hemisphere and aphelion will occurs in the Southern hemisphere, the reverse of today. This is absurd. Perihelion and aphelion are points on the Earth’s orbit and do not occur in a specific hemisphere.


p. 230: claims that climate models don’t do seasonal variation of insolation, i.e. neglect the ellipticity of the Earth’s orbit. The mean figure of 1367 watts per square metre is used in climate models, thereby omitting the effects of orbit on the change in solar input. This is untrue (personal communication from CSIRO climate modellers). n older, but verifiable and more accessible reference is CSIRO Division of tmospheric Research Technical Paper no. 26, available on-line from the CSIRO Marine and tmospheric Re- search website. Numerous studies have been done with climate models using different values of ellipticity (and different orientations of the Earth’s axis) in order to study other

stages of the Milancovic´ earth’s orbit is ignored.


Such studies would be impossible if the shape of the

  • 50.

    p. 237: There is neither a significant loss nor a gain to polar ice, alpine valley glaciers, and sea ice. One of many unsupported claims in introductory sections, which the subsequent detailed discussion justifies on the basis of flawed assertions. See item 53 regarding cited reference on alpine glaciers. — [DK].

  • 51.

    p. 246: Some scientific papers suggesting melt waters reaching the base of an ice sheet speed the movement of ices seaward flow. et these papers do not even mention creep as the tried and proven alternative explanation of ice movement.1222 1223 1224 The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Earth Sciences (1991) defines glacier creep as The deformation of glacier ice in response to stress by a process involving slippage between and within ice crystals. Reference 1223 notes that Glacial motions results from a combination of internal deformation of ice under its own weight, sliding at the ice-bed interface and deformation


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