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Breadth of Science

In Plimer’s public appearances he has made the claim that climate scientists are ignoring geol- ogy. This is untrue. Some of the geologists who are important in developing understanding of climate and climate change have been:

  • Ho¨gbom – who worked with rrhenius;

  • Eric Sundquist of the USGS (with Sarmiento, resolved carbon budget ambiguity);

  • the many geologists who have contributed to the paleo-climate studies that Plimer mis-


  • Henry Pollack, a borehole specialist, who has published an excellent book, Uncertain Science ... Uncertain World, (CUP), pointing out that uncertainty about climate is much less than the uncertainty surrounding many other important decisions;












  • atmo-

spheric, oceanic, solid earth, space sciences and most recently biogeochemistry — has

strongly endorsed the reality of human-induced global warming: http://www.agu.org/outreach/science policy/positions/climate change2008.shtml

Similarly, the Geological Society of ustralia put out a position statement on greenhouse g a s e s a n d c l i m a t e c h a n g e . I t n o t e d t h e w e l l - d o c u m e n t e d l o a d i n g o f c a r b o n d i o x i d e ( C O 2 to the atmosphere, which has been linked unequivocally to burning of fossil fuels, and the corresponding increase in average global temperature. It made recommendations about the role of geology in climate science. It can be found at: http://www.gsa.org.au/pdfdocuments/management/GreenhouseGasEmissions& ClimateChange GS PositionStatement July2009.pdf )

Point by point

This list has been evolving, in part due to input from colleagues.

The items are listed in order of

pages in Heaven + Earth and the page noted — the item numbering is changing as the document is extended. n index for various topics is given, identifying both the item number and the page in the present document. If you wish to quote items here, quote using the page number in Heaven + Earth.1 Better still, don’t quote me at all — use this document as a guide to check it out for yourself, even if you have to resort to buying the book. In cases where colleagues have advised me of flaws in the book, this is acknowledged by noting initials after the particular item. The acknowledgements section below identifies those involved. Material that is underlined is presented as an exact quote from Heaven + Earth, except that Plimer’s footnote references have

only been retained when they are important When I refer to ‘footnotes’ or ‘references’ explicitly indicate otherwise.2

for this

indicating misrepresentation of cited means Plimer’s footnotes not mine,

sources. unless I

1Page numbers and reference numbers refer to the

ustralian edition. I have not (as of March 23, 2011) been

able to establish whether these also apply to merican and UK editions. 2There are no explicit references to my own footnotes in versions through to 2.2.


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