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  • 139.

    p. 286: claims IPCC has no evidence to support statement that glaciers are retreating – see section 4.5 in T R for evidence — [TL].

  • 140.

    p. 316: Plimer claims that 1-m sea level rise would be consistent with post- glacial rise rate, but a few sentences later says that has been dropping for the last 3000 years not rising at all. In the next paragraph he claims that rates of change of several metres per century were common during the holocene, but the references quoted actually show that 1-m changes occurred in parts of ustralia and that global sea level fell steadily over the last 6000 years by a total of 2m — [SS].

141. p. 367: confused about how the earth warms. How does he think a blanket works? [TL].

  • 142.

    p. 421: claims only 4% of CO2 in atmosphere is from humans — [TL].

  • 143.

    The chapter introductions (and concluding remarks of sections) contain many assertions and non sequiteurs — things that are not supported by the chapter contents. Examples are the section ends on pages 170, 225, 267 and 298 — [PW].

Conduct of science

This section and the following section are split off in response to critics of early versions of this document, who felt that this sort of thing dilutes the arguments about science. Misrepresen- tations of the operation of the IPCC and the authorship of its reports are included here, while misrepresentation of the content of IPCC reports is in the main section.

  • 144.

    p. 14: Hypotheses are invalidated by just one item of contrary evidence ... yes but only once it has been ascertained that the contrary evidence is being correctly interpreted.

  • 145.

    p. 15: Studies of the Earth’s atmosphere tell us nothing about future climate — so much for Plimer’s claim that an inclusive approach is needed.

146. p. 15: Collection of new scientific data by observation, measurement and experiment

is now out of fashion — patently ridiculous, given N S CarboEurope etc.

budget, NO

, CM R, EU


p. 15:

ristotle’s principle quoted as First we must seek the facts, then seek to explain is

one view — it contrasts to Charles Darwin’s view that or against some theory [approximate wording].

a fact is of no value unless it is for

148. p. 19: In the 2007 report, the health effects of global warming were expertly dealt with by two lead authors, one of whom was a hygienist and another a specialist in coprolites (fossil faeces).

The relevant chapter is Human Health, chapter 8 of the Working Group 2 contribution to


The eight lead authors are:

Ulisses Confalonieri, Bettina Menne, Rais


Kristie L. Ebi, Maria Hauengue, R. Savi Kovats, Boris Revich and

listair Woodard.


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