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will not have to pay.

e have to move heaven and earth to stop this happening. Reading

‘Heaven and Earth’ is one way to begin.41

  • Writing in The ustralian on (2009/5/18), Janet lbrechtsen attacked criticisms of Plimer, saying to cast his book aside as an unworthy contribution to this debate tells you some- thing about the stifling consensus and what Plimer rightly calls the ‘demonisation of dis- sent’ on this critical issue.


In a press release on 21

pril 2009, the National Farmers’ Federation welcomed Prof

Ian Plimer’s contribution to the climate change discussion and debate concluding Rigour underpins getting the science right ... Prof Plimer is part of the mix. Since Plimer exager- ates the significance of cows realtive to cows by a factor of 400 or more (item 105), this

‘welcome’ by the NFF seems surprising.

William Kininmonth had a letter published in The


ustralian of 30–31 May

2009, generally supporting Plimer and The

ustralian’s coverage of climate issues. Four

of the other five letters published that day on the issue were critical of Plimer.

http://www.sydney.catholic.org.au/people/archbishop/stc/2009/2009524 1018.shtml



post (2009/5/24) by Cardinal George Pell,

rchbishop of Sydney,

supporting Heaven

  • +

    Earth, claiming that temperatures were five or six degrees higher than today in Roman

and Medieval times and concluding that Evidence shows the wheels are falling off the climate catastrophe bandwagon.

More recently, Cardinal Pell has had a letter included in Hansard, extensively repeating many of Plimer’s unsupported claims (and adding the claim that nitrogen is a greenhouse gas!). http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/senate/commttee/S13298.pdf, pp143–145. This claims have been extensively rebutted by Dr. Greg yers, head of the Buerau of Me-

teorology, during Senate Estimates Committee hearings. was reported at:

n account of Pell’s response

http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/pell-row-with-climate-scientist-heats- up-20110313-1bsx6.html

  • n article Meet the man who has exposed the great climate change con trick by James Delingpole in The Spectator appeared on 8 July 2009: http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/3755623/meet-the-man-who-has-exposed-the-great- climate-change-con-trick.thtml supporting Heaven + Earth with extensive quotes from Plimer.

41Far from promoting open discussion of the claims, launching Heaven + Earth in the context of a current party

political debate had the effect of precluding some of the largest groups of climate scientists in

ustralia, those in

CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, from commenting, except as individuals in their private capacity.


in version 2.1: Since this footnote was first written, CSIRO guidelines appear to have been changed to place restrictions on CSIRO scientists commenting on policy debates even in a private capacity. The case of Dr. Clive

Spash, whose paper on ETS appears to have been caught up in this change, gained extensive media coverage.


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