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  • Emeritus Professor Frank Larkins reviewed Heaven + Earth for the October 2009 issue of Chemistry in ustralia. He notes His critics justifiably highlight that his arguments lack balance and scientific rigour. . . and notes the present document42. He summarises many of Plimer’s arguments and repeats a number of Plimer’s claims about failings of

the international science community. He concludes that The for anyone interested in gaining an insight into one view of a problem for which the final chapter has not yet been written.43

book is essential reading complex global scientific

  • 4 Corners program (broadcast 2009/11/09) regarding negotiations on emissions trading legislation, included the exchange: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2009/s2737676.htm S R H FERGUSON: The most vocal liberal sceptics didn’t go to the meeting, they don’t accept the science being presented here or the conclusions of the international panel on climate change. TONY BBOTT44: I think that in response to the IPCC alarmist - ah in inverted commas - view, there’ve been quite a lot of other reputable scientific voices. Now not everyone agrees with Ian Plimer’s position but he is a highly credible scientist and he has written what seems like a very well argued book refuting most of the claims of the climate catastrophists.

During the course of the 2010 federal election in ustralia, Mr. bbott (at that time leader of the opposition) was asked in a television interview whether he still endorsed Plimer’s

book. Mr. bbott managed to evade the question. number letters defending Heaven + Earth were reprinted in The

ustralian Geologist

September 2009 issue along with some of the early reviews noted in the previous section.

One notable point is that, with the exception of William Kininmonth, Plimer’s fellow ‘scep- tical scientists’ seem to have been reluctant to come to his support.

The description of Plimer on the website of the cludes:45

ustralian Climate Science Coalition in-

Prof. Plimer’s current duties at The University of delaide are more that of an entrepreneu , pro- mote , inspirer of young students and staff, university public face and political lobbyist rather than that of a traditional academic. Prof. Plimer teaches the first year geology and second year geology for engineers courses (Science) and the first year introduction to mining engineering and second year economic and mine geology courses (Engineering). Much of his time is spent showing state and federal politicians, international delegations, scientists, student groups and

resource companies the Broken Hill orebod of ustralia.

, the mass of rock that led to the industrialisation

Plimer’s responses

  • Plimer’s op-ed Hot-air doomsayers in The ustralian) (2009/5/5) has the subheading Ge-

ologist Ian Plimer argues that critics of his climate change book should respond with

42 43 Probably version 1.9 or 2.0. In one sense, Heaven + Earth is ‘essential reading’ since it clearly demonstrates the extent of fabrication and mispresentation in the case against the science of anthropogenic global warming. Maybe this is what Prof. Larkins meant. s identified earlier in the transcript, Mr. bbott was at that time Shadow Minister for Families and Housing. Downloaded from http://www.auscsc.org.au/about us.html, 2010/1/1. 44 45


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