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GEORGE MONBIOT: Yes, well this is fascinating, because he for once gives a reference to that claim, so you’re able to go back and check the reference and see if indeed it says what he says it says.

nd do you know what, it says precisely the opposite of what he says. It’s a paper by Charles F. Keller

and it said that the recent data from satellite and radio sons, which are weather balloons, the recent data blows away the contention that there has been no further warming. nd what does Plimer do? He takes that bit, saying, ”No further warming,” and suggests that the paper is claiming that the satellites and

radio sons show there’s been no further warming. straightforward scientific fraud.

gain, turning round the conclusions 180 degrees,

TONY JONES: lright. We’re nearly out of time, but I’m gonna have to get you to respond to that. This is a paper you do quote by Charles Keller. You stand by your quotation.


N PLIMER: There is a dispute on how you tweak the satellite data.

nd that can give you the

answer you want. We know from measuring temperature at thermometer sites that’s totally unreliable as

well. TONY JONES: Can I just ask, do you stand by your selection of the Keller quote? I N PLIMER: Selection: I think that’s a very moralistic word. I have scanned ... TONY JONES: But you’ve only taken a part of the overall ...

I N PLIMER: Which page are we talking about? TONY JONES: Yes, it’s page 383. GEORGE MONBIOT: You turned it around 180 degrees. conclusion to what the paper said.

You actually made up - you made up the

I N PLIMER: 383. interesting. For example,

nd it’s about the treatment of data. Well the treatment of the data is very we go to any measuring site, and I’ve got one here for Mildura showing that

there are 11 changes since we started to measure data there.

That’s unreliable.

TONY JONES: OK. But just a quick question. GEORGE MONBIOT: nswer the question, Professor Plimer. TONY JONES: I’m sorry, we’re nearly out of time, so, I have to just ask you ... I N PLIMER: It’s quite interesting the way that journalists handle science. If you don’t want to hear

the message, you bully people. GEORGE MONBIOT: You made up what the reference said. question.

nswer the question.

nswer the

I N PLIMER: You want to bully people rather than deal with evidence. TONY JONES: George Monbiot, just hang on. Sorry. I N PLIMER: Now, there is an enormous ... GEORGE MONBIOT: We are pressing you ... OK ... I N PLIMER: For God sake, get some manners young man. There is an enormous dispute as to how


GEORGE MONBIOT: We are pressing you ... TONY JONES: George Monbiot, hang on a second, please. I N PLIMER: ... you measure temperature from satellites, because you have to put a huge number of

corrections there. That is what I question, is one paper that might have one set of corrections and another paper that might have another set of corrections. nd this is the same way temperature is measured. The same with ground temperatures. We have ground temperatures that get corrected all the time. But again, you are looking at the last few years, you’re not looking back in time where every temperature change

and every climate change has been more rapid and greater than ever we see today.

GEORGE MONBIOT: You are evading the question. The question was ... TONY JONES: George Monbiot, a final point. Sorry, we’re nearly out of time.


classic example of Professor Plimer evading the question. The

question was: did you reverse the findings of the reference that you cited.

nswer: yes he did. But will


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