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not the period from 1905 onwards. The primary claim by Michaels and Knappenberger was that Santer et al. were cherry-picking by choosing a start-date around the time of cooling from the eruption of Mt. gung. n additional criticism published following reference 18 made similar comments suggested that the role of ozone depletion had been neglected. Immediately following this was the response by Santer et al. noting that both

these comments used a questionable data set.

8. p. 21–22: Biased comparison of IPCC ‘balance of evidence’ vs a survey that found only 10% of scientists certain that global warming is a process that is underway.


p. 22: asserts that during the Medieval

arming, the global temperature was a few degrees

warmer than today. This claim is asserted in various forms at many places through Heaven

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    Earth, mostly without any justifying citation. Many examples of changes for various

regions are noted with citations, but there is no analysis of the overall results. The main places where the claim for a large and widespread Medieval warming is backed with cita- tions are on page 63 [citing footnote 239] and page 490 [citing footnotes 2282 and 2283].

s noted in item 21, reference 2398 shows only a single time series for temperature. Item 123 notes that reference 2282 makes no mention of the MWP and reference 2283 (the first IPCC report) contains only a schematic with no temperature scale assigned. Simi- larly, item 23 notes that reference 255, cited in support of 2C cooling from MWP to LI only analyses the period 20,000 BP to 10,000 BP.

10. p. 22: Misrepresents IPCC treatment of Little Ice (MWP). (See later — item 32).

ge (LI ), Medieval Warm Period

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    p. 22: Referring to the ‘hockey stick’ in the 2001 IPCC WG1 report: It was highlighted on the first page of the Summary for Policymakers and was shown another four times in the 2001 Summary for Policymakers. Since there are only five figures in the 2001 WG1 SPM, this would imply that all figures in the SPM include the ‘hockey stick’. This is quite simply false.

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    p. 22: The IPCC, without explanation, quietly withdrew the “hockey stick” from the Summary for Policymakers in subsequent publications and had it buried in a scientific chapter of the 2007 report. with the footnote 24 noting as one of the reconstructions of past climate. The reconstructions, including that from Mann et al., are also in the technical summary (figure TS.20) of the 2007 report — [DK].


p. 25, figure 3: The graph has been distorted and misplotted. The line has the 1998 peak in about the right place relative to the scale, but the 1940 peak (labelled as such) appears in the 1950’s and the 1975 trough is plotted nearer to 1979. (The Brave New Climate web

site identifies this fabrication as coming from The Great Global

arming Swindle).

14. p. 25: There is no problem with global warming. It stopped in 1998. The last two years of global cooling have erased nearly thirty years of temperature increase. The last 30 years of temperature increase have not been erased. The H DCRU data set9 shows that

8 9

Version 1.6 incorrectly referred to reference 9 at this point. File hadcru3gl.txt, see description on page 41.


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