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Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven + Earth’ — Checking the Claims - page 51 / 64





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In support of these three main strands of argument are presented extensive references, many of which either fail to support the claims [items 21, 23, 24, 44, 46, 90, 123]; explicitly contradict the claims [items 76, 77, 84, 100]; are irrelevant to the claims [items 81, 116]; or otherwise misrepresent the cited reference.

In addition the various misrepresentations of the IPCC and the content of IPCC reports in Heaven + Earth, the introduction above noted:

  • it has numerous internal inconsistencies [items 66, 98] as well as the inconsistencies noted above regarding climate sensitivity;

  • in spite of the extensive referencing, key data are unattributed, particularly for the graph- ics, and the content of references is often mis-quoted [items 46, 84]. Simply citing entire books (or entire IPCC reports) for a specific point, without giving section or page numbers does not reflect a well-referenced book.

Finally, as well as the inconsistencies and misrepresentations there are also a modest number of minor errors that should ideally have been picked up by adequate editing. Some errors in referencing are noted on page 32. The confusing of ‘absorbs’ and ‘adsorbs’ is noted in items 62, 73 and 94. On page 299, ‘interannular’ should be ‘interannual’. Furthermore, the editing process should have detected the various problems identified in item 3 to do with labelling of axes. Probably a careful editor would have removed most of the things identified in the section on ‘Silly Stuff’ [items 157 to 164].

cronyms and abbreviations


ustralian Broadcasting Corporation. nthropogenic Global Warming.



ssessment Report (of the IPCC).

BP Before present. There is a convention in the radiocarbon dating community that ‘years before present’ is fixed at ‘years before 1950’.

CDI C Carbon Dioxide Information and

nalysis Center.

(Oak Ridge, US


D Dark ges. ETS Emissions Trading Scheme.


Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

GC Gas chromatograph(y). many other things).

n instrument/technique used to measure greenhouse gases (and

GGWS The Great Global Warming Swindle. GtC Gigatonnes of carbon. One gigatonne is one billion (109) tonnes. IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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